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Interview: Laura Adrianna on her Ethical Beauty Br...

Interview: Laura Adrianna on her Ethical Beauty Brand

Green Queen Hero

Meet Laura Adrianna, the ethical beauty activist who’s collaborated on a brand-new luxury travel set for sustainably minded, style-conscious ladies…

Words Katy Gillett

Laura Adrianna, the ethical fashion and beauty guru who’s best known for her regular Going Green posts online, has teamed up with 58 Lifestyle, the luxe eco-friendly beauty brand, to create a brand-new travel-ready set for style-conscious ladies. It’s called 58 To Go (£41) and, in an ethically made cotton canvas zip bag, you’ll find seven goodies – all sized 50ml – that are meant to boost your mental and physical wellbeing while at home or away. That includes mineral bath salts, handcare, body washes, creams, shampoo and conditioner, infused with an uplifting scent of mandarin, jasmine, geranium and ylang ylang. Absolutely Mama finds out more about this new collaboration, Laura’s commitment to sustainability, and how she juggles it all while successfully mumming…


Green Queen

58 to go packs in seven travel-sized, eco-conscious beauty products


Q. Why did you decide the 58 To Go partnership was right for you?

A. The consciously crafted products are free from parabens, sulphates and harsh additives – something I too believe in strongly where beauty and pampering are concerned. Their entire collection is 100% natural. The packaging is recycled and they encourage recycling of the empty containers. All our values are aligned.

As a premium pampering brand, I admire what the founder, Michal Cohen-Sagi [a fellow mum], has achieved. She’s incorporated the healing and uplifting properties of natural and botanical extracts into the Balancing Blend, which is infused into the collection, with constant commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free production.


Q.Which is your favourite product in the set?

A. The 58 Nourishing Body Cream with extracts of fennel and jasmine is one of my favourites (but it’s so hard to choose!). Part of my “clean beauty” regime is body creams, as we’re moving into colder and dry months of the year.


Q. Why is being ethical and sustainable so important to you? How do you incorporate this into all aspects of your lifestyle?

A. Everything I do is a commitment to sustainability and to being responsible and ethical. I don’t eat meat, so I consciously stay away from any brands (whether fashion, beauty or lifestyle) that go against my beliefs regarding animal testing. Incorporating an ethical and sustainable lifestyle comes easily to me due to my genuine passion for it, and I’ve become a go-to “green queen” among my circle of friends. That led to the launch of my bi-weekly series called Going Green, a chronicle of my eco-friendly finds and how to master a sustainable and ethical beauty routine and wardrobe without comprising on style or care. My style is a testament to the fact that being fashionable doesn’t have to cost the earth (or any animals their lives).

I also have a growing mobile app business, KLEEN (@Kleen_app), a sustainable car concierge service that’s a testament to the fact that being a business owner doesn’t have to cost the earth (or any animals their lives), too!


Q. How do you manage to juggle your numerous projects and collaborations, expanding your brand, and motherhood?

A. Teamwork makes the dream work! I treat my new role as a young, savvy, “green” mum accordingly. I schedule all feeds promptly using no plastic material and only organic fruits and vegetables. I pace myself and sleep when my baby sleeps (to avoid a total burn out). Self-care is so important, so I always have a least one bath a week with 58 Lifestyle Lavender Salts – it really uplifts and energises your mood instantly. And most importantly, I delegate tasks as much as possible to avoid being overwhelmed (from nappy changes and tummy time to putting baby to bed). I also always eat healthy regular meals throughout the day.  Like anything new in one’s life – a new romance or new promotion, even moving to a new city – you’re on unfamiliar territory, but the upside is that you find a rhythm that works for you.


Q. What would you say to any mums out there who might struggle with being ethical and sustainable all the time, whether due to time or financial restraints?

A. Stay true to the cause. In today’s market you can find a varied price point of quality and ethical products and services almost everywhere.