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Introducing the Nûby Natural Touch 360˚

Introducing the Nûby Natural Touch 360˚

Nûby Natural Touch 360˚

The brand new Nûby Natural Touch 360˚ is the only bottle in the UK that allows for upright feeding aiding the symptoms of reflux and colic

Why choose the Nûby Natural Touch 360˚?

We all know how stressful it is, trying to feed a baby that is suffering from reflux or colic symptoms. But what steps can we take to help relieve the pain?

One tip from the NHS Choices website is to “prevent your baby swallowing air by sitting or holding them upright during feeding”. But with most baby bottles it’s impossible to feed in the upright position, without tipping baby back into a reclined position, to get to the last drops of the feed.

In user trials 95% of mums would recommend Nuby Natural Touch 360˚ to help prevent colic and reflux symptoms.

Nûby Natural Touch 360˚
Nûby Natural Touch 360˚

However, help is at hand, with the launch of Nûby Natural Touch 360˚ that:

1.     Reduces Reflux – as the weighted straw allows baby to feed in the upright position. And when baby has grown out of reflux or colic symptoms, simply unplug the weighted straw and use like a normal bottle.

2.    Combats Colic – with three advanced anti-colic valves which help prevent vacuum build-up inside the bottle and avoids baby swallowing air.

3.    Perfect Position – Weight at the end of the straw follows the milk, which means you can feed in any position that’s most comfortable for parents and baby.

4.    Breast-like Shape & Skin-Like Feel – the same nipple as the award-winning softlfex™ Easy-Latch teat on the Natural Touch bottle. Accepted by 9/10* babies. Making it easier to transition between breast and bottle feeding.

* 9/10 Babies accepted softflex™ Easy Latch teats (Independent Survey, July 2014 of 120 Mums).


“I love the fact that my baby was never sick after using this bottle and didn’t seem to get trouble with wind like he does with other bottle.”

“My little girl suffers with wind a lot and this definitely helped with that as I could feed her at whatever position she was happy with.”

Available in Boots (June) and Mothercare (September) 2016, £14.99, 2 x 270ml. Compatible with Natural Touch Teats 2-Pack £3.99.


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