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Jamie Kay: Frolicking Through Strawberry Fields

Jamie Kay: Frolicking Through Strawberry Fields

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In the realm of childrenswear, few collections are as eagerly anticipated as each new range from Jamie Kay. Every launch is packed full of beautiful, great quality pieces. The collections always have a strong theme, and the latest range is no exception. 

With the introduction of Strawberry Fields, Jamie Kay has captured the nostalgia of childhood adventures with a sweet, dreamy aesthetic. 

Their delicate florals make a return in the new collection, adorning gorgeous pink and plum shades perfect for any season. And florals aren’t the only print in the range! There’s a range of tiny stars clothing, bright white stars printed on navy cotton.

If you’re new to Jamie Kay, you’ll be thrilled to find everything you need in one place. These gorgeous heirloom pieces cover an entire capsule wardrobe for children, from headbands to shoes and everything in between! From their beautiful basics that include bloomers and singlets, right through to perfect partywear, there’s something for all your little ones.

Tulle makes a return in this collection with the super sweet Margot skirt, covered in tiny pink polka dots. If you love frills, there’s also the super sweet frill tops and bodysuits, perfect for your girly girls.

Sustainability enthusiasts will also be thrilled to hear that the new collection has a whole organic cotton range within it. Organic cotton muslin and organic cotton sweatshirts make up some of the basics in the range. 

The knitwear is a cotton base too, so you don’t need to worry about itchy fabrics irritating their skin! They are super soft and very durable, perfect for a full range of motion as they play. 

Discover Strawberry Fields and find your children’s new favourite outfit today – shop the collections now at

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