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Youtube Kids has teamed up with BBC Newsround to introduce kids to a new way of learning

The award winning YouTube Kids app has teamed up with the iconic Aardman and Cbeebies presenter Maddie Moate, to get children ready for the new school term with some fun and educational playlists.

The family friendly app has more than 30 billion views and over 11 million weekly active viewers. To celebrate the love of learning themes of the app, YouTube Kids have formed a partnership with BBC Newsround to provide accessible news for children which will also help to expand their digital literacy skills.

BBC Newsround will create playlists that feature current news. These will live in the Explore Category on the YouTube Kids app. There will be new content uploaded daily, with some videos having specially hosted introductions around particular news topics.

The collaboration with the beloved children’s news show is just one way that YouTube Kids works as an educational outlet for children to explore the digital world. The app allows them to dig deeper into topics they are interested in and discover new areas of learning.

The annual YouTube Kids initiative #TodayILearned aims to get children ready and excited for the new school term. This year it is celebrated by two new and exclusive playlists launching on the platform. Whilst creating entertaining content for children, the playlists also provide an aid for parents to re-engage their children in education post summer holidays.

Youtube Kids

Aardman, who are responsible for classic children’s shows such as Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, have created an exclusive playlist to help children discover their creative skills. The playlist contains videos such as a How To Draw Gromit featuring Nick Park, a How to Draw Shaun the Sheep tutorial featuring Golly and Merlin’s Animation Tips on How to Make a Storyboard. Each of the 15 videos aim to inspire a love of learning amongst children in arts and crafts at home.

Channel Manager for Aardman, Neil Warwick, says “Aardman are increasingly using YouTube Kids as a platform to share creative, educational and interactive content for our brands. This kind of content is proving incredibly popular with our highly engaged community of fans and has become an important part of our digital marketing strategy”.

If that wasn’t enough content to get children ready and raring to go for the new school term, Cbeebies presenter and “edu-tuber” Maddie Moate has created content encouraging curiosity and learning for children focused around nature. The playlist features 18 videos such as Making a Homemade Composter! and How do Bees make Honey? She expresses her passion for the content for children and the benefits it will provide for their understanding of the world around them.

‘The YouTube Kids app is a fantastic educational outlet for children to discover new areas of learning and explore subjects not regularly found on a school syllabus. For instance, the playlist I have created is made up of videos that will help inspire children to learn about nature and be conscious of the environment, from harvesting honey to making a homemade composter. The app allows children to dig deeper into topics they are interested in and encourages outside school learning.’

You can download the YouTube Kids app free from Google Play here or from the App store here.


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