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Life Lessons: Learning how to swim

Learning to swim with SwimFin

When your kids are learning how to swim it becomes a family affair. Time consuming and difficult, it’s not an easy thing to teach. Thankfully, with the latest teaching aid, SwimFin, it becomes a little easier. Designed by a highly qualified UK swimming coach with over 30 years experience, it’s a vertical aid suitable for children from two years old. Impressively, SwimFin can be used on all four strokes and is the only aid to have been endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association.

But how does it help your child learn to swim? Well, it works in harmony with the body because it’s worn on the back. Providing total freedom around the arms and legs, the natural swimming position comes easily while the fin working like a boat’s keel in the water. Kids love SwimFin because they look like a shark in water while parents like it because of the bright colours – you can easily see your child in a busy pool or on the beach. Making learning to swim more of a game than a chore, tests have proven that the SwimFin can reduce the entire process by up to a third. So watch out for those little sharks!


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