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Baby skincare tips from Little Butterfly

Baby skincare tips from Little Butterfly

Baby skincare

Look after your little one with five top baby skincare tips from
Little Butterfly


5 Top Tips for Baby Skincare

To avoid the irritation that can come from bathing babies with standard soap, try using a scent free, natural product, such as Floating On Clouds Bedtime Bath Milk from Little Butterfly London. Created with a blend of nature’s most treasured ingredients, this organic bath milk features moisturising cucumber seed oil, nourishing buttermilk and comforting kernel extract. Vitamin-rich avocado oil relieves dryness and itching, while peach kernel and papaya seed oil gently hydrate.


Just like adult skin, baby skin needs to be moisturised. Use a fragrance-free cream immediately after bathing to keep dryness at bay. Try Little Butterfly London’s Dewdrops at Dawn Body Lotion. Made with a blend of moisturising cucumber seed oil, cocoa butter and comforting oat kernel extract with hints of papaya, peach and apricot kernel oil to protect skin’s natural moisture.

Baby skincare
Baby skincare

Protect delicate baby skin from the sun’s damaging rays by using a minimum SPF15 all over the body and covering skin with long sleeves, hats and sunglasses


The materials that keep nappies from leaking also prevent air from circulating, creating the perfect environment for a rash to breed. Soothe the nappy rash with Little Butterfly London’s Soft As Moonlight Nappy Change Cream. This deeply nourishing and calming cream is certified organic and 100% natural. It effectively supports healing and protects your baby’s most delicate areas from excess moisture. With a blend of 18 carefully selected ingredients, such as mango seed butter, calendula and camomile, this cream not only nourishes skin but comforts and relieves discomfort.


Most babies will be born with infant acne, with symptoms usually disappearing within a few weeks, however it is important not to squeeze spots or use any lotions. Baby’s skin should also be kept clean and dry at all times.


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