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Boutique of the Month: Luna & Curious

Boutique of the Month: Luna & Curious


Shop Focus: Luna & Curious, the "tiny department store"

It’s possible to sum Luna & Curious up in two words: dream boutique. Possible, but not quite fair – because even this most enticing of sobriquets can’t do justice to the range and quality of goodies stocked in the brand’s stylish London emporium.

Centred around the company’s own range of high-end clothing (for little ones and mamas), homeware and accessories, the three founders describe it as a “tiny department store”. But the strength of Luna & Curious isn’t in the number of items on offer – though they do manage to carry a surprising amount – but in the sheer loveliness of every last thing.

Simply put, it’s no surprise that three very tasteful women are behind the brand, and that they’re still involved in every element of the business they’ve been building for over a decade. Their stylish fingerprints are all over the shop’s selection, from their own artfully boho yet beautifully luxe designs to the items they source from like-minded makers across the globe.

If you’re ever stuck for gifting inspiration, one trip to their shop or website will cure the affliction. And if you need to know what styles will be filling the wardrobes of the most stylish young ‘uns next year, pay a visit to Luna & Curious this year – they’re a reliable indicator (and often originator) of the best ideas about to come down the pipe. We’re big fans. Can you tell?

Visit the Luna & Curious website.