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Mama Reviews: The Bugaboo Donkey

Mama Reviews: The Bugaboo Donkey


Mama reviews the latest design from Bugaboo and gets an exclusive first look at the new rain cover feature

Words: Leah Day

Whilst Bugaboo are renowned for their longevity in making sturdy, long lasting and smooth pushchairs I hadn’t actually had the pleasure or, I admit, the inclination get to test out the Donkey. Yes I’m a mother of two, but the age gap is a full 5 years so I never had any requirements to invest in a tandem.

For a start it’s huge, it won’t fit through doors, get on busses or anywhere that there isn’t a great big double door.

Or so I thought…

Upon first glance, yes it is a stunning model, but it looks so wide and what would I do with the shopper basket on the side? Well let me tell you, I could not have been further from the truth! Not only is it small enough to fit into tight places, it is so light to push. And that side basket is a godsend!

The Wheels

Air tyres that come with their own mini bike pump

For a while now I’ve preferred an air tyre, and this one is spot on. The inflated tyres mean that on grass, trekking through the woods, on cobble streets or city pavements, it is a delight to push. Designed by Chief Designer Officer Max Barenbrug, the Donkey has been made to give your 1 day old or your 3 year old the best journey they could possibly have.

The Width

Mono: 60cm wide, Double: 74cm wide

I have a very mixed bag when it comes to the terrain I face in my daily life. We are frequently in the woods with the dog or at the park, at the zoo, shopping in central London or back home in a tiny village, so I require a pram that is adaptable to all these conditions.

I took the Donkey on a multitude of excursions and it, unsurprisingly, passed with flying colours.

It fits through the smallest of village doorways, narrow country gates and even glides round the pokiest shop with ease. I was amazed by how easy the bus journey was and being on a semi packed train was a breeze, so long as there’s a kind person to help with the stairs as with any pram.




I had always thought that because the Donkey is so adaptable it would be extremely heavy, but it is actually lighter than most single prams on the market. The frame of made from Aluminium and has been designed with strength and stability in mind without compromising on the weight of the over all push-ability.

The Car Boot

Tested in an Audi A4, a Vauxhall Astra, Nissan note and VW Tiguan

The Donkey dismantles easily in three parts, the seat, shopper and base. This means the it all fits snugly in the boot of a very standard sized car. The way the base folds onto itself makes it very easy to pick up and place in the boot, then the other bits just slot around. Leaving enough space for shopping, the dog (if she would be allowed near my beautiful pram) and the standard, everything but the kitchen sink bits you need when making a small trip anywhere with an infant.

Basket Space

The baskets are both incredible, and with my two boys I often need an actual Donkey to cart around their bits and bobs. The underneath basket fits a full bag of shopping (mainly wine and pitta bread) and the side shopper is ideal for the easy reach items (12 outfit changes, nappies, wipes, toy cars, trains, my phone etc). The real win for me, however, is that the shopper is removable and has handles so you can whip it off and sling it over your shoulder in a flash.


Rain Cover

Bugaboo have just launched their new cover and, as you would expect, it is faultless.

Made from non pvc material it doesn’t need a week to dry out and doesn’t stick together when it’s slightly damp, which is my general experience of rain covers until now. It also comes in its own pouch. So when you’re done using it, simply give a shake of and fold it back into its little bag. It then slots neatly inside the mesh lining of the bottom basket so it’s not taking over your entire shopping space. It fits snugly around the seat so your little one is dry and draft free. Hurrah! The only slight downside is that it doesn’t cover the shopper. But if you remove it and pop in the basket underneath, everything remains dry (except you of course).

The Verdict

All things considered I would definitely recommend the Donkey to anyone. Transporting children is never going to be an easy task, but this pram makes it a much more enjoyable and straightforward experience for both those comfortably snuggled up in it and those doing the pushing.

See more from Bugaboo and other styles of the Donkey at


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