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Managing childcare and education needs for a moder...

Managing childcare and education needs for a modern family lifestyle

Childcare And Education Needs

With remote working still on the rise and the traditional 9am-5pm becoming more flexible, childcare needs have shifted. Families that might have once needed a full-time nanny are now looking for more holistic solutions to work around their busy modern lifestyles. And even when a full-time nanny is in place, some families might still find themselves needing extra cover for travelling, holidays, or after school.

The good news is that there’s an emerging trend for bespoke, flexi-childcare to meet the demanding needs of modern family life. We now have creative platforms such as The Rocket House whose innovative approach goes beyond the one-size-fits-all model, offering an array of options encompassing nannies, babysitters, and tutors. Seamlessly combining education and childcare, the aim is to provide families with a comprehensive and tailored support system. Read on to find out more about this bespoke approach and why it could work for your family.

Adaptable childcare

Inflexible childcare routines that don’t meet the needs of modern work schedules are no longer workable for many families. The core of the flexible childcare approach is its personalised touch, understanding that each family is unique in their daily routines, preferences, and educational goals for their children.

The Rocket House is a one-stop platform offering quality childcare and tutoring all from an easy-to-use app. Lucy Holbrook, families and partnerships director says: “We can fill in the gaps in childcare and extra educational needs of busy working family lifestyles – from full-time cover to flexi childcare.”

Chaildcare And Education Needs

Childcare meets education

Not only taking safety and well-being into consideration, a forward-thinking approach to childcare places huge importance on intellectual and developmental growth. When childcare meets education, it becomes not only nurturing but also enriching.

This balance is key at The Rocket House. Winsy Flores, founder and educational expert says: “Our teachers can also work as a nanny/tutor when you want to combine learning with childcare, this is a popular choice over the school holidays.”

Winsy continues: “Our teachers are carefully selected offering specialist home tutoring lessons, with an array of inspiring educational and creative subjects and experiences, from maths to music, coding, dance, or swimming – we have it covered.”

Childcare And Education Needs

Finding the right fit

Whether you’re searching for a nanny, occasional babysitter, or tutor (or all of the above!), it is not only about finding someone who is an expert, but who will also fit seamlessly with your family.

The Rocket House was created by the founders of the renowned independent Rocket Productions Pre-Prep schools with Pre-Preps in Chelsea and Notting Hill. With over a decade of experience in the education sector, they pride themselves on the deep connections they have formed between parents, children, and educators.

Winsy says: “Our strict 7-step recruitment path is the same we use at our prestigious Pre-Preps which ensures parents can trust we vet and choose the highest quality candidates.”

Childcare And Education Needs

A 360 approach 

Many parents don’t have the proverbial ‘village’ to look to for support, so there’s an opportunity for childcare to fill the void. A more holistic and tailored approach aims to be there for parents at every step of the way.

Stuart Bamford, founder of the Rocket Productions Pre-Preps, says: “The Rocket House members have access to an ecosystem of childcare, parenting and educational resources, including innovative ‘Rocket Parenting Talks’. So far we have had a behavioural expert and parent coach, and we have a well-known nutritionist coming up. There’s also an in-person concierge service behind the app.”

Stuart adds: “We’re redefining what it means to be a family services platform in today’s world.”

Final thoughts

As the boundaries of work and family life continue to blur, there’s more and more need for innovative childcare solutions. Helping parents effortlessly navigate work commitments and family priorities, the rise of bespoke, flexi-childcare is the perfect solution.

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