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Marites Allen Gives Her Chinese Zodiac Forecasts f...

Marites Allen Gives Her Chinese Zodiac Forecasts for 2021

Marites Allen

Marites Allen, celebrity Feng Shui expert, shares her overall, romance, wealth and career luck Chinese zodiac forecasts for the Year of the Metal Ox 2021…

Chinese New Year is just around the corner on 12 February, closely followed by Valentine’s day, and this year is the Year of the Metal Ox. Marites Allen, a celebrity Feng Shui expert, has shared her expert forecast for romance, wealth and career for each Chinese animal sign, so whether you’re a Rat, Pig or Tiger, keep reading to discover your Chinese horoscope…

RAT (1948, 1960,  1972,  1984,  1996,  2008,  2020)


This Year of the Metal Ox 2021 brings better luck for the Rat, the first animal sign in the Chinese astrology system.  It is as if the Rat comes first in everything, even considering what transpired during the pandemic-struck Year of the Rat 2020. However, some health concerns may challenge you owing to the illness energies of the year. Surround yourself with health and longevity amulets and display an anti-illness cure in the North sector of your home or office.


Your heart is in the right place this 2021 and as a Rat-born, you love not only with your heart but also with your head. This is the year of your secret friend – the Ox, thus there is a very high chance of you opening to finding great love this year. Just be careful not to get involved with those who intend to dominate you. Some will want to take advantage of your trust and devotion but you will always see through their act. You will meet people in unexpected places with the chance of finding your life partner.

Being single means that you can have fun while keeping an eye out for true love. You should not bother pushing your love luck with a toxic person, because then it would mean endless fights with no hope for reconciliation.  You are just healing and need to be around a partner who will love you unconditionally. You will find this kind of relationship with an Ox, Dragon, or Monkey partner.

For the married Rat, now is a great time to welcome a new member into the family. You can start raising kids of your own. Enhance the North sector with some love and relationship emblems.


It will be easier for you to achieve prosperity in 2021. Those who are in business or have started other forms of income-generating activities could make profits around autumn.

The first part of the Metal Ox year will involve a lot of risk-taking and hard work on your part. Remember not to stay idle this period. Making room for some challenging opportunities could turn into some lucky breaks.  Enhance the North corner of your home with success and victory enhancers.  This will surely work wonders for you.

Friends are very important for you in 2021.  You will need their positive energies to stay active even while you pursue your wealth-making goals. It is not a bad idea to accept invitations to events, as you will get to build more friendships. Activate the West or North sector with affirmation-inspired enhancers to materialize favorable energies for you.


You can bank on a better 2021 that could bring you career growth. However, you will need to put in a lot of effort if you want things to work out fine. The results you get will be determined by your professional strength.

Not everyone comes with good intentions and you may want to pay close attention to the body language of the people around you. Maintain a professional relationship with eagle eyes. You must see to the start and finish of your projects because that is what makes you a professional.

If you are currently unemployed, you will be offered new opportunities especially in the areas of communication. You must put on a professional outlook if you want to ace the recruitment process.

Some wealth enhancers in the North corner of your office, such as your own Rat image or your allies and friends’ emblems will prove beneficial.


OX  ( 1949, 1961,  1973,  1985,  1997,  2009,  2021)


There is promise of a better year with endless possibilities. This year, with the help of the future prosperity and magnifying star, you will  find luck in everything you do and things will look bright in most areas of your life.  It will be a time for new jobs, bountiful harvests, and lots of celebrations. There will be lots of happy events especially in the areas of business. Activate the Northeast corner with powerful images of Kuan Kung or the image of the powerful Ruyi to achieve fantastic luck.


Those Ox-born anticipating a better relationship luck could experience love in 2021 and this is one of the times when marriages may be organized. The first half of the lunar year 2021, will have the single Ox, finding new love prospects. The Ox will receive invitations to meet and mingle with other singles to pursue his love interests. It will be great to even take part in a matchmaking, which will likely be initiated by friends and family. The Ox may just find love around the corner.  With all the opportunities open for dating, it would be easy for the Ox to identify what he desires and should follow his instincts instead of being misled by physical appearances. Best to hang the painting or figurines of mandarin ducks in the Southwest corner of your bedroom to activate love luck.

It would be great for the Ox to take advantage of his fortune this year 2021, but should also be cautious not to fall for the charms of the first love interest that comes his way. The Ox, a naturally devoted lover, will often fall prey to contenders who are interested in taking advantage of him for material gain instead of a genuine relationship. These partners seek to gain from others without putting anything into the relationship.  The Year of the Ox 2021 promises the Ox who wants to find himself a partner, a life of comfort and good health. The Ox must avoid anything that puts pressure on his marital life, especially if he finds that his other half is unwilling to take part in the maintenance of the home or contribute to other financial obligations.

For those Ox-born starting a family, it is a great time to have kids. Since the Metal Ox will be successful in all ventures in 2021 in areas such as work, business, family, and other relationships, it would be a great time to seize opportunities. Being a parent this year would certainly be a good idea for the Ox father or mother.


The Ox is in 2021 will get lots of money-making opportunities. The energies are in his favor since the Yin Metal gifts you with money and material possessions. This year will bring you financial security and you will see money coming to you easily. This, of course, needs a lot of perseverance and determination.

Working smart is also another form of skill that is greatly required to achieve this goal.  Install some wealth enhancers in the Northeast and West sector of your home or office.  This could include the wealth ship, infinity symbols, or water fountains. There will be strong bonds formed in new friendships this new year and you will be surprised how all these can turn into wealth-making opportunities for you moving forward.


The Year of the Ox 2021 breathes new life to the Ox’s dreams and aspirations. Luckily for the Ox, the Yin Metal energy is on his side and will help him develop excellent communication skills for his business negotiations. The Ox can express his thoughts and ideas more clearly this year and will be easily motivated to get things done, which he was not able to achieve the previous year.

Despite his good fortune in 2021, the Ox must remain vigilant during this year because if he lets his guard down, he may end up with a business partner or friend taking advantage of his trust. Protect the Northeast corner with peace and harmony emblems. Otherwise, carry one with you all the time to avoid any unfortunate event.


TIGER (1950,  1962, 1974,  1986,  1998,  2010)


Expect change in every sphere of life but do not be overwhelmed with the responsibilities that will come your way in 2021. Though there will be some confrontations and even criticism by others, the Tiger must remember to be flexible. Be careful in your dealings because a powerful person might pose obstacles in your path. Still, you will benefit from this year’s future prosperity and magnifying star. The regular use of success and prosperity symbols will be favorable for you.


Love for the Tiger in the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 will come with a powerful force. The Tiger-born is in for a true love experience and it may be the time where love will take center stage in your life. The Tiger loves to thread carefully and this applies to how he handles love matters. You may want to enjoy a slow and rewarding courtship with your partner in 2021. You may try some feng shui enhancers to activate your love luck this year. Wearing emblems of your allies and friends or displaying the Horse, Dog, and Tiger images in the Northeast will be helpful.

If you have been dating for a while, this might be just the perfect time to move your relationship to the next step. However, do not rush your decision to settle down considering that you will be also faced with other important decisions. It is better to take things slowly, but also let your partner know how much you appreciate him or her.

For the married Tiger, you will need to focus on family by providing your child with security and love. You should engage in activities that will bring everyone together and have fun.


Money prospects in the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 for the Tiger will be a bit challenging. Be cautious in making decisions that will sink you into debts. Expenses, both planned and unplanned, will come along, which will put you in a difficult situation. You must learn to manage at this time, foregoing all your desires and wants because your wallet will be light.

When you make the right decisions on your spending, it won’t be too difficult to go about your year with hope. Wealth enhancers such as god of wealth, infinity symbols, or water fountains will be great source of prosperity luck for you this time.


The year 2021 will give the fourth zodiac sign of the Chinese astrology a strong will. The Tiger can endure even in the toughest work environment. You love the spotlight and it is not unusual for you to take the lead in work projects. The Tiger will find luck in negotiations in 2021 and the reason for this is that you can remain diplomatic in any situation. If unemployed, the Tiger will find a lot of offers that look promising. The opportunities will meet your expectations but you should exercise caution when choosing them. You should make sure not to engage in stressful work activities. Even though the job may be promising, the stress may compromise your performance. Make it a habit to wear mantra accessories to neutralize negative energies that may challenge you this time. This is where you have to use logic when making appointments. A job prospect may not meet your expectations but it may be just what you need to grow in your career. It will determine how much you can expand in your professional field.

The year will be rewarding for the Tiger if he invests in legitimate goals.  The Tiger must plan his time well and avoid things that will take unnecessary effort. You will grow in knowledge and skills that will help you in your career path.


RABBIT (1951,  1963,  1975,  1987,  1999,   2011)


The year 2021 will be your moment of truth. Deal with challenges but think about your decisions carefully to avoid further difficulties. Your ability to adapt to changes will be the solution during this time. If things get too overwhelming, you may need to take a breather and step back. You need a clear head to understand what is happening around you. Always have wealth enhancers, such as lucky charms and prosperity symbols as your daily accessories.


If the Rabbit wants to pursue a long-term romantic relationship, nothing will stop him in the Year of the Metal Ox. However, the ball will be on your court because the Rabbit’s main obstacle is isolation. You may find yourself alone and shy about making romantic advances. Activating the East sector of your bedroom with love and marriage symbols will greatly enhance your love prospects.

You don’t want to be embarrassed by your love interest because it could hurt your fragile ego. You will need to summon courage because when you find love, it would be pleasant. Your instincts will tell you when a potential love interest fancies you, but at the same time not be drawn to the first one that smiles his or her way into your heart. Double happiness and mystic knot symbols could ignite some love sparks in your life. Try using them!

You are naive when it comes to matters of the heart, which makes you fall prey easily to ill-meaning people. The five elements of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui, as well as the metal element of this Ox year, will affect your love life. Your ability to read the intentions of those who give false praises and those that genuinely appreciate you will kick in this year 2021.


You should manage your funds or anything about money matters in the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.  This means that making a properly planned budget is quite important. The reason for this is that the Metal element in 2021 does not work well with the Yin Wood of the Rabbit. You can only put money into investments that you are fully sure will yield results.

You can’t afford to lose because any mistake will cause a significant loss and will affect the quality of your life. Some wealth enhancers such as lucky charms and prosperity symbols as your daily accessories will be very important. The best way to go about the year will be to seek advice from those who are more experienced than you. Their advice will go a long way to help your finances grow this year.


The Rabbit will find luck in negotiations in 2021 because you can remain diplomatic in any situation. If unemployed, the Rabbit will find a lot of offers that look promising. The opportunities will meet your expectations but you should exercise caution when choosing them. You should make sure not to engage in stressful work activities. Even though the job may be promising, the stress may compromise your performance. Make it a habit to wear mantra accessories to neutralize negative energies that may challenge you this time.

The year will be rewarding for the Rabbit if he invests in legitimate goals.  The Rabbit must plan his time well and avoid things that will take unnecessary effort. You will grow in knowledge and skills that will help you in your career path.


DRAGON (1952, 1964,  1976,  1988,  2000,  2012)


The Year of the Metal Ox 2021 may not be an easy time for the Dragon-born because of the threat of the dreaded Five Yellow or the misfortune star. This doesn’t mean things won’t work out; it would just take a little more effort than you will normally exert. The Dragon will need fast thinking skills and must pay more attention to things to succeed. Your must-have accessories include the 5-element pagoda emblems or infinity symbols to smoothen up the energies around you.


Love for the Dragon could come with many challenges if not properly managed  this 2021.  When dating, you will need a partner who is patient and can manage your excesses. The Dragon in 2021 will be dealing with  vexed mood and it won’t take a lot to trigger your anger. This will happen if the one you are dating disagrees with you over any matter. It would be difficult for you to sustain a long-term relationship in 2021 with this mood. Protect the Southwest corner of your bedroom with amethyst geode or mandarin ducks painting to help strengthen your love and commitment.

You will find yourself drawn to young lovers probably because you feel they will be more agreeable and submissive. It won’t be all bad because romance could be hot. You will be fiercely attracted to your lover and will want to share great moments with him or her while the relationship lasts.

The Dragon couple on the other hand will have a stable relationship in marriage. This stability is brought about because of the understanding that has been built in the marriage. Your spouse will appreciate you and your marriage will be stronger than ever. The year of the Metal Ox won’t bring any sudden changes for the Dragon and it is a good thing for those who are married. However, if couples had problems in the previous year that followed into the new year, it would be chaotic for them still. The Dragon will want to exert domination and the union may be at risk of collapsing. The couple may grow distant from each other and love could weaken.


The Dragon will be duly rewarded for his effort because the Year of the Metal Ox 2021 won’t bring any unwanted surprises along his path. The Dragon will need to know how to balance his expenditure and follow proper budgeting. There won’t be any sudden changes in his financial situation because he won’t be getting any raise or promotion. To activate some prosperity luck, create and install your own wealth vase in the Southeast.

Dragon-born people are encouraged to invest in opportunities that may bring future rewards. Your drive and ambition will gain blessings from the Yin Metal, which could give you good financial prospects. Your assets will be protected and you will come up with solutions to increase your future profit.


Your career will be secured for as long as you are willing to put in the effort. The Dragon needs to be prepared and work hard longer than expected if he wants to continue in the course of his professional development. The Metal Ox Year is a chance for the Dragon to realize that he has that inner strength he never knew he had. You will need to surround yourself with positive and intelligent people to be productive. Your support system is very important because if you have these people in your work circle, they will be there to give you advice when you need it.

Though you will be putting in more than the usual effort at work, you will need to find a balance so you don’t enslave yourself. You need to carry your team along to help you succeed. Install images of flight of auspicious birds or victory horses in the South to bring in camaraderie, success, and positivity to your career or business.


SNAKE (1953, 1965,  1977,  1989,  2001,  2013)


Those born in the Year of the Snake should celebrate because 2021 will be an amazing year for them. This is despite the Five Yellow misfortune star that is residing in the Snake’s house chart this year. Provided you surround yourself with protection mantra amulets, especially the 5-element pagoda, this year could still bring you a rich harvest. You should be ready to tap into the opportunities that come with the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.


This year could also be great for the Snake in love. Your newly found strength will show itself with your ability to get the attention of your love interest. You will have the confidence to express your feelings for a special someone even if you are somewhat shy.

There is a chance to meet your life partner who will appreciate your energy in this Year of the Metal Ox 2021. A well-chosen love charm will help you choose the right partner. This can be in the form of a romance luck activator and double happiness amulet. You need to be careful not to be too controlling of your love interest because it will make them want to quickly leave you.

Married Snakes will experience a period of recovery. All the disagreements and the conflicts that caused you and your partner to be distant will be resolved. It will be a happy reunion and the things that brought unhappiness in your marriage will be forgotten. You will have the desire to protect your partner and see that they are comfortable. The year 2021 will be a time to make new beginnings and let go of past hurts. It will solidify your union and you may even need to take new vows to stand by each other.


The Snake may get a massive return on investments in the year 2021. If you had put in money in a venture, you could get a lot of profit from it in 2021. The Snake in the previous years struggled to manage his finances but will experience a complete change in the new year. The inflow of money will be regular and greater than expected. To safeguard your finances, anti-burglary images can be displayed in the Southeast or better yet, bring with you its version in the form of key chain accessories.

It would be best for you to save money this period as income continues to flow in from different areas. You can begin to budget for the future and not spend carelessly. Times like this are very rare and when the luck of money comes your way, you should be ready to put every aspect of your life in order.


The Snake has so much to celebrate in his work and businesses. Despite some challenging obstacles, the year 2021 could still come with lots of opportunities and even promotions. You could excel in everything you set your mind to. The Snake will receive compliments even for past projects he completed successfully. Your record of achievements will be brought out and your boss may give you a well-deserved promotion. You may also expect this promotion to come with a generous amount of money. Carry with you the victory banner-inspired charm or install its image or the ruyi symbol in the Southeast or North sector of your home or office to activate your career luck prospects.

You will appreciate this year of the Metal Ox for the career luck it brings. If you work in the finance, business, and legal sectors, expect a rewarding career this year. Also, the Snake active in politics may be lucky to secure a position of significance in 2021.


HORSE (1954, 1966,  1978,  1990,  2002,  2014)


The Horse-born can finally breathe a sigh of relief as they enter into the Year of the Metal Ox 2021. This year, the auspicious star of Victory and Success resides in the South sector – the natal home of the Horse. Although the previous year 2020 did not go so well for the Horse, fortunately this time, they may pursue their goals with ease. It is time to start rebuilding, making tough decisions, and putting things in place. Keeping some success amulets near you could help you navigate the year with confidence.


The Horse in love is passionate and romantic. The year 2021 will be a time for the single Horse to pursue love interests. You will be in a happy mood and ready to pursue romantic relationships. Install some peony-inspired paintings in the South or Southwest sector of your bedroom. A pair of mandarin ducks will also do wonders.

On another note, if you are one of those who are not expressive with their affections, this is something you have to work on.  At times, it is important to show some special romantic gestures towards someone who could be showing some interest in you. You may now have the desire to take  risks or do something to spark the flames in your search for a life partner. Even when things don’t work out with your love pursuits, that should not affect your happiness. The year of the Ox may provide the fun and adventure the Horse needs to share with his or her lover.

There will be times when you will become too choosy, but even when you fail in pursuing a love interest, you should not feel any regret;  instead, try to look for another likely candidate.


The Horse will have cause to celebrate with streams of income and wealth coming his way in 2021. Money will come in from your work due to a promotion or salary increase. You may even be paid back for a debt someone owed you many years back. Activate a steady flow of income with a water fountain and display a wealth vase in the South or West sector of your home or office.

Money will also come from business negotiations and many other related transactions you have done. When presented with contracts involving money, it would be wise to read every detail so you don’t get cheated. The Horse-born are to check their accounts and keep them up to date. It is in the second-half of the year 2021 that the money may come in especially from your earlier investment.


The Year 2021 is going to be an eventful year for the Horse since this will be a time to rebuild from the losses of the previous year. At work, you will be very busy with hardly any in-between breaks. Your work will leave little room for anything else. Get some support from the mighty Kuan Kung and Victory Horse or display a mountain painting with auspicious birds to attract numerous opportunities.

You will be given a chance to lead work-related tasks and everyone will seem to need your attention for one thing or another. The year of the Metal Ox will give you a chance to prove yourself and in a way that will determine your future growth.


SHEEP (1955,  1967,  1979,  1991,  2003,   2015)


Fasten your seatbelt to prepare for a bumpy ride in 2021. The nasty argumentative star is in your chart, and to top it all, the Ox is the astrological enemy of the Sheep, thus, you cannot afford to be careless or take things for granted. The Sheep-born will be facing a test of character and will need to prove themselves to the industry they are in. You should safeguard your finances and every area of your life this year. A special peace and harmony amulet as well as anti-argument cures inscribed with special mantras will greatly help.


The conflict for those born in the Year of the Sheep will extend to romantic relationships. If you are single, you will find yourself pursuing love during this time of conflict. This time will bring a lot of drama and unpredictable events with your love interests. If you want to set yourself up for a heartbreak, then you can risk finding a lover. It won’t end well, thus it is better to steer clear of the love and romance path for now. You will nurse secret desires but will be unable to act on them.

There are some things you will find attractive in a partner, which normally would put you off. This feeling will be short-lived because it will only cause you temporary excitement. You can use this year of the Metal Ox 2021 to develop a new habit. If you were more of an introvert, you can decide to go out more often. Maybe on your way, you will find a love prospect. Enhance the southwest with images of love birds, heart shapes, or the double happiness symbol, which could help you meet some interesting love prospects. When you find yourself attracted to someone, take time to get to know that person, but avoid rushing into a relationship in 2021.

Some love interests may come to deceive. Don’t be surprised if you find one who will take away his wedding ring pretending to be single. You know that he has no other intention but to cause you pain. Some  Sheep-born will also deal with other related challenges. Your love interest may also be the target of a rival suitor, and you will be curious to know about this person. However, do not get yourself into a complicated situation that will cause you unrest. Remember that you have to focus on your goals, and even if you pursue love, you want a faithful partner.


You must guard against unnecessary spending in 2021.  The year of the Metal Ox will bring setbacks, but it could get worse if you fail to plan properly. You should keep a proper record of your accounts and monitor your income.

The year 2021 brings with it low finances for the Sheep. There won’t be many opportunities for making money and while you are still facing challenges at work, a promotion seems far-fetched. If you would normally spend money on luxuries like a vacation, designer wears, and other extravagant articles, this time you will have to refrain from all of these. Instead, if you want to have a good time, you can do that by looking through your old items and sharing memories with those close to you.


Sheep professionals or those leading some businesses may experience challenges at work due to the instability the year brings. You may be made to handle projects that are beyond your capacities. Tough decisions at work will be made, and these will be to test you. You can’t afford to make mistakes because this will be the determining factor for your professional growth. When you find yourself unable to solve tasks, seek advice from people who can help you out. You can’t rely only on your own knowledge. If you fail, you will lose your standing at work, and no one will trust you with serious responsibilities.

At work, you must keep good records of accounts, documents, and any written communications properly. These records will be valuable when you encounter any dispute at work. It would also prove to your superiors that you know what you are doing.


MONKEY (1956,  1968,  1980,  1992,  2004,   2016)


Generally, the year of the Metal Ox 2021 will be good for those born in the Year of the Monkey, despite the presence of the argumentative star in their chart. The year 2021 will test your planning skills. You will find new markets to invest in, but will need to improve your negotiation skills. These skills will come in handy in 2021 when you want to grow in your profession. Make sure you do not repeat past mistakes. Control negative issues by wearing peace and harmony amulets or accessories for smooth sailing through the year.


The Monkey in love will desire freedom but will be willing to sacrifice it for love. It won’t be easy trying to tie down the Monkey in the year 2021, but it isn’t impossible either. The Monkey has a charm that will easily attract a lover to his side. You will also have many opportunities to meet with love interests most likely at a social gathering. You love to have fun, and people easily notice when you walk into a room.  The atmosphere changes with your aura, and you can use this to your advantage.

You will need a partner who can match your energy. Someone ready to take risks with you, and charge the atmosphere of a place like you do. If you compromise on these qualities, you will likely become depressed if entangled with a boring partner. The Monkey will seek a love interest who is on the same level of intelligence as he is. You will prefer to go on a simple date where you can connect with your partner through conversation than planning elaborate outings.

For the married Monkey, you need to agree with your partner to avoid conflict. However, it can only work out if you and your partner’s reasons are alike. You can only work through your marriage by compromise when need be.  You should avoid making promises you can’t keep as it will hurt your partner. Mystic knot or Double happiness-inspired accessories will help you achieve a loving atmosphere.


The year 2021 is a fulfilling one for those born in the year of the Monkey. The money will come, and if you line up these great prospects, flow of funds will be plenty.  Secure the Southwest with wealth vase, infinity symbols, or water fountain for prosperity luck. However, you still need to be careful about your spending. You will receive more money late in the year, and if saved will be useful for the year 2022.

The Monkey should keep records carefully as the threat of legal battles are very high. If you were to defend an inheritance or a property you bought many years ago, the documents kept will save you from losing your assets. The Monkey will find some months more rewarding to invest their money.


Monkeys will find their work rewarding in the Year of the Metal Ox 2021. The opportunities that will come your way will be impressive as it will give you the chance to meet top-notch professionals.  Hang a couple of those auspicious birds or victory horses in the South or Southwest to aid you in finding the right one.

However, to enjoy all that the year has to offer to those born in the year of the Monkey, he must avoid confrontations and disagreements at the workplace. Along the way, while you work, do not be surprised if your superiors may advise you to suspend a particular task that you are working on. Do not be misled to abandoning your priorities. You should not allow anyone to mislead you to abandoning work. If you comply with their advice, they will be happy to use it against you. Many will be jealous because of your accomplishments, so you have to stay alert always.


ROOSTER (1945,  1957,  1969,  1981, 1993,  2005,  2017)


The Rooster has a lot to look forward to as they are blessed with the wealth and prosperity star number 8 on their chart. Your career will be great and you could expect rewards for all your efforts. You must trust in your abilities, but at the same time carry your team along. You can’t work in isolation in this new year. Take a couple of those bejewelled rooster images and display them in the West sector of your home or office. This could help you maintain your self-confidence and support from your valuable network.


Your love life in the Metal Ox Year 2021 will be set in stone. If you are single, you will have a very interesting romantic experience. The fact that the opposite sex will find themselves drawn to you will give you so many options to choose from. If you’re not interested in getting hitched right away, it won’t stop you from having fun. You will have the most interesting dates in the year 2021. If you have been in a noncommittal relationship, don’t kid yourself that a commitment will happen. Well, it’s not too late to get out there and find a suitor that will be ready to tie the knot soon; besides you will find yourself physically drawn to some love prospects. It would be best to drop the dead weight you have been carrying around and explore other possibilities.

The year 2021 offers you endless possibilities that you have to take advantage of. It isn’t all the time that you come by this opportunity. Keep your love department exciting by having one of those peony shawls or a peony-inspired charm in the Southwest. A pair of mandarin ducks will also be a very good placement to help you find an interesting partner. If you are in a relationship with a supportive partner, you should expect things to remain stable in your relationship. You will find yourself having to make some sacrifices, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do for the one you love. Couples will be in harmony and will be happy with each other.


The positives of this year outweigh the negatives, and you will be satisfied in your career. You will find it easy to complete projects, and your productivity will be commended.  You will be asked to lead collective projects, and won’t fail to deliver.

The year 2021 will be a time to pursue future goals and set the path for your professional growth. You should keep a positive demeanor no matter what you face and always be ready to face challenges head-on. The promise of money comes with the year 2021 for the Rooster. Since luck is on your side, you will find money coming in from unexpected places. You could also receive profits from long-time investments. You should, however, be careful when spending. Bring with you some anti-burglary amulets to keep you from losing money or opportunity.  You can also display them in the Northwest sector for safety.


It is good to note that the energies of the year, support the intrinsic Metal element of the Rooster.  The victory and success amulet is a must-have for the Rooster this time.  Wearing some wish-fulfilling mantra accessories could be beneficial, too.  These could help the Rooster command more respect and support from his peers or colleagues especially when it comes to business negotiations. Similar to the previous year, the Rooster may express his thoughts and ideas often and more clearly.  He will be more motivated to accomplish as many things as he could for the rest of the year.


DOG (1946,  1958, 1970,  1982,  1994,  2006  and  2018)


The year 2021 for the Dog will be one that will require patience and the will to begin new goals. Despite the threats of robbery and accidents that could be present in the house chart of the Dog in 2021, he should not lose hope because the elements of the year will give him the desire to grow and he will be able to think outside the box. Business people can activate their prosperity corner in the West sector of their office with wealth vase, a bowl of gold ingots, or a wealth ship.

ROMANCE LUCK for DOG in 2021

This year 2021 for the Dog is when decisions will be made about relationships. If you had no prior interest in pursuing love, you may want to explore your love interests this coming year. You may have been burned by past love partners, but now is the time to put away your anxieties. You shouldn’t be carried away with the charming smiles thrown in your direction, because not all of them may be in your best interests. Some love interests may ignite the passion in you with their irresistible charm, this doesn’t mean that they are in for a long-term

The desire to find true love will come into focus for all those born in the Year of the Dog. This does not mean that it will cripple your sense of adventure, but don’t get too excited about finding love; it might not turn out to be what you are looking for.

The energies of the Yin Metal will draw many romantic relationships your way, but this will be short-lived because your love interests will only be vested in what you can offer.  Try to keep a pair of mandarin ducks or an image of the mystic knot in the Southwest section of your bedroom. This will help you invite exciting prospects in the love department!


All your hard work may have paid out but now is the best time to plan. The Dog will find rewarding surprises coming his way in 2021. You may get a promotion or even more profit from an investment. Bring with you the wealth and success amulet; it will come handy as your wealth enhancer. The Metal Ox brings a fair share of tough spending decisions for the Dog. Even though your wallet will be full, you should only spend money on important things – even better, focus on investment that could give you a better return in the long term. Invest in yourself for some training or personal coaching that could help you gain more confidence and knowledge in the field of business management or anything you fancy. This could help you improve  your negotiation skills and your instincts will alert you when a bad deal comes your way. Do not doubt yourself; instead, follow your intuition because it will lead to more financial gains.


The Year of the Metal Ox will be one successful year for those born in the Year of the Dog. You should strive at being the best at what you do. You will have ideas; make sure to share them because it will go a long way in your professional growth. If you have a business you manage, you will have lots of opportunities just waiting for you to grab them. Business people can activate their prosperity corner in the West sector of their office with wealth vase, a bowl of gold ingots, or a wealth ship.

This year promises to be one of the best seasons for your career. It would be a great time to get your short-term goals done, which will lead you to a much broader professional path. Just remember to stay focused as you go by each day.


BOAR (1947,  1959, 1971,  1983,  1995,  2007  and  2019)


The people born in the year of the Boar have a lot to look forward to in the Metal Ox Year 2021. Though theirs may not be a smooth journey due to the presence of the robbery and accident star in their chart, there will be some good news that they can capitalize on to make this year favorable for them. There will be a reward for patience and wisdom for the Boar. You should seek opportunities that will help you grow; and avoid succumbing to excesses. Carry the rhino and elephant keychain and similar cures to prevent losses and possible mishaps.

ROMANCE  LUCK for BOAR in 2021

Your romance luck for 2021, if not taken care of could be unstable, especially if you are single. In fact, to save you from possible heartache, it would be better to remain single in 2021 and focus on other things. The instability may lead you to enter into a bad relationship if you eventually force yourself to find a lover. You will also be faced with emotional crises as a result of a bad relationship. Wrap yourself with some mystic knot shawls or mantra protections to mitigate potential relationship issues.

If you find yourself with the wrong person, there will always be an opportunity to heal. The Boar is strong-willed and will always get himself together. The other challenge those born in the Year of the Boar may face in their relationships is lust. The Boar-born will have lots of fantasies and sexual desires in 2021 that he will be tempted to play out. This will mostly be during the first part of the lunar year 2022. However, in the half part of the year, Boar will give up on his escapades and would want a stable relationship, but this may not work out because of the unstable year.

The Boar will be very romantic towards his significant other. You may seek out a romantic vacation where you can spend quality time with your partner. This change of environment will favor you because it will help you strengthen your relationship and reignite the flames in your marriage. The Boar must remember not to use hurtful words on his partner that will leave wounds enough to hurt the marriage. If the couple has been dealing with a misunderstanding in the previous year, there are chances that the marriage will lead to a sad breakup.


The areas of income will mostly be from your workplace, especially if you are on salary. The year of the Metal Ox 2021 will give you many opportunities for investments that will yield results, but most of the profits will come in during the second-half of the year as there could be too many unexpected expenses that the Boar may be facing this year. Installing the images of the rhino and elephant symbols in the Northwest will help.

The Boar may have to deal with unnecessary cravings. If left unchecked, this will be the reason for your empty wallet. You will find yourself wanting to buy many things you desire even when you know you do not have the money for it. Even though your finances will be good in 2021, it will be prudent to have a budget that you can stick with to avoid any unpleasant situations.


The lunar year 2021 for the Boar will be a time to start new goals. If you have been failing at work, you can make up for it by increasing your productivity. A short trip away from home will give you enough time to clear your mind and come up with fresh ideas to execute at work. To gain support from peers and team, install a mountain painting at the back of your working space.  Otherwise, images of the Dragon tortoise behind your desk or an image of a Ruyi for power and authority must be placed

Many opportunities will present themselves to you during the year, and will help you rise quickly to the top. You will find progress generally in your workplace and will work to gain the trust of your superiors. It may take a while, but they would gradually begin to recognize your progress and your ability to take responsibility.

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