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Our favourite kids brand this month: Meet Mini Sti...

Our favourite kids brand this month: Meet Mini Stitches

mini stitches

A premium brand with an inspiring ethical slant, Mini Stitches sprang out of the Stitches in Time project

A charity initiative based in East London, Stitches in Time helps women from some of East London’s most disadvantaged and marginalised communities develop skills and find productive employment in the garment industry. Along the way, it seeks to build women’s confidence, encourage greater community integration and cohesion, and provide a hub for social engagement.

Mini Stitches is the charity’s own fashion brand, and exemplifies the good work they’re doing. Beautifully designed and crafted from premium fabrics, this is some of the most trend-aware and desirable children’s clothing we’ve seen all year. In fact, it’s so well made that London boutique Luna & Curious recently collaborated with Mini Stitches on an exclusive product line; a significant seal of approval.

Mini Stitches’ own styles are similarly spot on – soft pantaloons, ruffle-necked cropped tees, sculptural party dresses, and screen-printed leisurewear, all suffused with a sense of creative possibility, confidence and optimism. We love the graphic-striped jumpsuits, which straddle the line between contemporary and classic with easygoing aplomb. It’s a great brand that’s reinventing the supply chain for the better – and without compromising on style. Count us in.

Check out the Mini Stitches website.