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Most eco-friendly brand: Pure Earth Collection

Most eco-friendly brand: Pure Earth Collection


Pure Earth Collection is a sustainable and ethical children’s brand. Founded in 2018 by Emma Bianco through her love of babies, the planet and all things natural. Having suffered from allergies and other health issues for many years, she started looking more deeply into what might be causing the growing health complaints faced by so many of us today. This is how Pure Earth Collection was born. Core to our company belief is that babies and children should be nurtured in a natural and non-toxic environment as much as is practical for modern day life. We are passionate about keeping children safe and protecting their future by looking after both their health and that of our planet. That’s why we have created a range of products which use natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials, with no nasty chemicals.

Pure Earth Collection is eco-friendly from design through to production, packaging and distribution. We go the extra mile to research all the ingredients that go into every material used for our products to make sure they’re as pure and and safe as they can be for babies and the planet. From fabrics, fillings, stiching and care labels, we check to make sure that everything is sustainable and safe. We sweat the small stuff! Things like care labels are all too often made from a polyester ‘satin’ and use inks containing azo dyes, leads and other nasties. Our brand only uses organic cotton labelling with safe, non-toxic inks.

We’re also very particular about the fabrics and materials we choose, avoiding polyester and opting instead for natural and organic fabrics. Our waste fabric offcuts are either used to make smaller products, sent to charities which support creativity in disadvantaged kids or recycled. Pure Earth Collection doesn’t use any plastics at any stage of the sampling, production or shipping process. Our packaging bags are made from organic cotton, we ensure that our factories box everything in plastic-free crates for shipping and it’s then sent out to customers in biodegradable packaging. We also have our Cleaner Oceans Pledge, whereby each time a customer shops, we remove plastics from our shores and oceans. So not only are you supporting a sustainable and ethical brand when you shop, you’re also ensuring the products you’re buying are as safe and natural as possible AND cleaning up the environment from litter caused by others.

Because we’re a brand who really cares. We care about our customers, we care about the safety and long term health of babies and we care about our planet. We do what’s right, instead of what’s easy. And being eco is definitely not the easy option! We don’t take shortcuts or keep customers in the dark – we’re honest, open and dependable.