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SHOP FOCUS: One Small Shop

one small shop

This Hastings-based lifestyle boutique makes it easier than ever to live ethically and stylishly

Fashion is having a moral moment. After decades of positioning itself somewhere above and beyond mortal concerns, suddenly it’s not enough for brands to be strong on style and heedless of every other concern. And this renewed focus on sustainability has been largely inspired by revolutionary independent brands with a genuine concern for environmental impact.

One Small Shop is one such brand, and founder of the boutique Katy Dent doesn’t think you should have to compromise on style in order to achieve a more sustainable way of life. From her base in (increasingly hip, we can’t help but note) Hastings, Dent sources and sells eco-friendly items from suppliers with a genuine penchant for purity.

We love the organic toiletries and ethical babywear – Absolutely Mama favourite Mini Stitches is a supplier – but most exciting is the store’s style selection, which includes sleek, sustainably produced lingerie and hosiery and bags crafted (ingeniously, and with amazing results) from recycled rubber.

Here are some guilt-free accessories for the conscious consumer – and a new bookmark for your browser.