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Photographer and creative director Anastasia Yakhn...

Photographer and creative director Anastasia Yakhnina on motherhood


Photographer and creative director Anastasia Yakhnina talks about motherhood while working

Q How did you get into photography and what do you love about it?

I’ve been doing art direction and photography since graduating from London’s University of the Arts ten years ago. I love the magic of the shooting process, making a moment timeless, capturing realities that have never existed. Playing, even though I’m a big girl now.

Q What’s it like working with eco-friendly brands and is sustainability something that’s important to your family?

Working with eco-friendly brands and being a part of this conscious community came naturally. I’ve always been excited about truthful and natural things in fashion, trying to give them an edge which will inspire younger people too. I believe sustainability is everything. The way you’re bringing up your kids should be sustainable! Not teaching them about consequences isn’t great whether it comes to the everyday relationships within the family or within our planet.

Q How important is Instagram to your work as a photographer and what do you like and dislike most about the platform?

A  Instagram is obviously a great platform to find and connect to the brands and creatives you love – but even more than that I appreciate the opportunity it’s giving us to share our imaginary universe and our unique personal vision of this world. I’m really happy to have done some inspiring work with brands that I’ve met through Instagram – a lot of cool things are coming, so stay tuned! Generally, when I see another girl-in-a-flower-field image on top of my feed, I’m thinking that IG is getting quite repetitive. However, every day the platform is teaching me how human perception works and what makes us tick – so that’s very interesting!

Q How is it raising a family in Portugal and what’s your lifestyle like there?

A  Originally I’m Russian, but my daughter has grown up in Portugal and I believe this place is one of the best in the world to do so. The ocean is always close, the beaches feel infinite and the whole pace of life is beautifully slowed down.

Q You travel a lot as a family. What has your greatest adventure been so far?

A  We’re very young and adventurous as a family so we naturally felt settled moving to Bali this winter and it’s been great for me both as a photographer and as a model. I guess the biggest adventure is happening now, when the only place we can call home is the world. This summer, I’m going to work in Germany, camp in Spain, dance in the Netherlands and then fly back to Bali – who knows how long for!

Q   Favourite way to spend a day as a family?

A  We love brunches and beaches and you cannot blame us for that!

Q And finally, best and worst bits about motherhood?

Motherhood is incredible! It’s a constant study of human nature. It’s when you really learn to LOVE. Because you need to teach love. Motherhood is a celebration of life in its continuity. It’s actually the most exciting journey I’ve ever been on so far. And I’m really inspired to be documenting and sharing it with you.

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