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Piccolo Pure: delicious ready-made purées

Piccolo Pure: delicious ready-made purées

Weaning With Purees

For those days when you just don’t have the strength to produce beautiful home-made purées, Piccolo Pure has launched

Words Holly Kirkwood

Weaning is unquestionably tough.  Whether you’re mashing, puréeing or blending, roasting or squashing, it can be a time-consuming and messy process made equally unrewarding when most of whatever you prepare ends up all over the floor.

We here at Mama are obviously fans of making your own weaning purées when you can – make big batches and freeze is the tip – but for those days when you just didn’t manage to stay ahead of the game sufficiently and make all your own fresh stuff, Piccolo Pure is an easy solution to keep on hand. Keen to take the stress (and washing up) out of earning, the people behind Piccolo (stage one and stage two baby foods)  have hand selected what they think are the tastiest varieties of fruits, and blended them perfectly for their first single fruit range.

Stanley Plum, Fairtrade Banana, Fairtrade Mango and Williams Pear were all chosen because each fruit has a delicious and distinctive taste, making them perfect for little ones as their taste buds begin to explore first flavours. In addition, the Pure Banana and Pure Mango blends are the only baby food pouches to hold Fairtrade accreditation, as Piccolo continues its commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, and donating 10% of their profits to charity.

Piccolo Pure weaning purees 2

Having tasted them ourselves, we can confirm these purées are delicious without being oversweet  –  which is key. And if you have some left over, we can also recommend you squeeze the remaining amount out onto a little plain yoghurt for a tasty snack for mama – who says you can’t be good to yourself at the same time?

We wouldn’t exclusively use these pouches, but we’d certainly say having a collection on standby for those days when you just need a little bit of a helping hand is enormously useful, making them a welcome addition to the weekly shop.

Launching in Waitrose this month, the range can be found in their signature see-through pouches, allowing parents to see exactly what they’re buying for their babies.

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