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Top sleep aides for babies: The Lulla Doll is back...

Top sleep aides for babies: The Lulla Doll is back in town

Lulla doll by Roro

After selling out in just days here last summer, the Lulla doll is back – grab yours while  you can..

Words Holly Kirkwood

When it launched in the UK last July, the Lulla doll was surrounded by an enormous amount of hype.  It sold out in just days, and following this unprecedented turn of events, makers of the doll Roro have now relaunched in the UK at selected outlets.

An innovative comforter like no other, The Lulla Doll has been expertly designed to help babies and toddlers stay calm and reassured when you’re not there, and to improve the quality of their sleep.

Thoughtfully created by Icelandic mother Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, the doll was dreamed up when a friend couldn’t be near her little one all the time. She says:  “There can be many reasons why parents can’t keep their little ones close. The idea of the Lulla doll was born when my friend had her baby girl prematurely and had to leave her alone in the hospital every night for two weeks. That really struck a chord with me and it was then that I decided to bring the Lulla doll to life.

“But of course there are also everyday situations where babies could benefit from an added feeling of closeness, for example for comfort in the car, to help them self-soothe or as a sleeping companion when mom and dad are still awake.”

Developed with the guidance of health professionals and based on a number of scientific research studies, the Lulla doll is an innovative concept. Using real-life sounds of a mother’s heartbeat the Lulla provides little ones with the ultimate comfort and a feeling of closeness for when they’re alone.

The neutral look and colors of the doll were chosen to make a suitable companion for all children, regardless of gender and race; makers Roro explain that research confirms that babies prefer to look at things that have human facial features.

When the chest is pressed, Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest for up to eight hours, and the outer layer of the Lulla doll is made from a soft natural cotton blend.

Machine washable at warm temperatures, the doll is also perfectly safe for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems. The Lulla has also been designed so it can also take on the smell of a baby’s caregiver, which also helps to calm and soothe, and therefore aid better sleep.

The Lulla doll is retailing at £49.99; current stockists are John Lewis, Kiddicare and Mothercare. 

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