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Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights

Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights


Wrap your little one in care, kindness and the simplicity of nature with BaaBaby. Say goodbye to those sweaty pram journeys and sleepless nights.

Choosing sheepskin for your baby isn’t just a beautiful photo opportunity (though who can resist tiny toes on sumptuous lambskin)   it is so much more than a soft fluffy rug and Baa Baby are the experts when it comes to sheepskin for your little one.

Whilst most of us associate sheepskin with winter it is in fact naturally thermostatic so wonderfully cool in the summer too.  This has led to many parents seeking out sheepskin pram and cot liners to help regulate temperature and settle their babies to sleep.  The fibres are breathable and specially constructed to increase airflow and trap moisture – say goodbye to those sweaty pram journeys and restless nights.  

The benefits of sheepskin for baby don’t just stop there – sheepskin is naturally moisturising thanks to the lanolin in the fleece which helps to soothe skin and can calm children with eczema. Studies have shown that using sheepskin reduces allergy related conditions such as asthma in babies and young children.

Baa Baby is a natural brand that has customer care and quality at the heart.  Their own luxury pram liners are hand cut from single fleeces right here in the UK – there’s no nasty stitching or patchwork and with their eco-tanning procedures they are super safe and chrome free.  The brand has won the Lux Life award for Best UK Sheepskin Baby Brand in 2020 and their pram liners have recently won the prestigious Loved by Parents 2021 awards for Best Pushchair Accessory and Best Baby Shower Gift.

Baa Baby have been around a while – specialising in ethically sourced sheepskin from around the world for over 14 years.  All of the sheepskin they use is from free roaming flock and is a by-product of the meat industry.  With over 90% of sheepskin destroyed each year, using this natural fibre in this way doesn’t only support the health and wellbeing of your baby but will also help support the natural resources of the planet.  Sheepskin, when well cared for, should last a lifetime – but if you have decided the time has come to dispose of it then it naturally decomposes within a year –  faux sheepskin and fibres on the other hand take over 40 years to break down.

If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, or a natural baby product that has an array of wellbeing benefits, then look no further than Baa Baby.

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