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Seven reasons why you should consider a cruise for...

Seven reasons why you should consider a cruise for your next family holiday

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Think cruises aren’t for you? Think again. Taking young children on holiday can feel like a huge chore, from herding them through the airport to putting them to bed in unfamiliar surroundings and trying to get them to behave in restaurants. It can be exhausting. But what’s not to like about visiting a variety of destinations in comfort and style, with all your needs catered for, alongside lots of activities for children of all ages? Here are seven reasons why cruise deals can make the perfect getaway for families.

Multiple Destinations

Imagine one trip that takes in the highlights of Italy on the way to Athens and finishes in Istanbul – or one that takes in both Sicily and Ibiza with several places in between. Or how about visiting multiple islands in the Caribbean in one journey? A cruise offers the chance to discover multiple destinations in a single trip, with no packing and unpacking required. And the actual travelling makes up a huge part of the fun. MSC Cruises offers a huge variety of possible routes, with some options starting in Southampton. For departures outside the UK, Fly & Cruise packages are a seamless all-in-one-solution with smooth transfers and even convenient flight times.

Activities for children

Everyone knows that keeping the children entertained is your holiday’s greatest challenge. But entertainment is never lacking on a family cruise: from water slides and splash pools to zip lines and sky walk across a suspension bridge, there are activities for all ages, and supervised kids’ clubs where children will keep busy and make friends, leaving parents to relax and enjoy a bit of well-earned adult time. 

Cultural adventures

MSC Cruises are designed to create emotional responses and lifelong memories – that’s why the selection of shore excursions is so extensive. Whether you’re looking for adventure, nature, culture or history, your options in each destination are varied, and tailored to all ages. Excursions offer excellent value and are designed to help families experience the best of each destination in comfort, before returning to the well-designed and elegant ship.

Family bonding 

As anyone who has found themselves endlessly shopping, cooking and clearing up on a villa holiday will know, housework is not conducive to family bonding on holiday. Having all your needs catered for, however, leaves time and energy for quality family time. Shared experiences create lasting memories and cruise holidays are designed to appeal to everyone’s emotions. Whether you’re visiting the Parthenon in Athens, the Trevi Fountain in Rome or enjoying a seafood lunch in Marseille, you’re making memories. Plus, entertainment on board an MSC Cruise includes theatre, dance performances and live music as well as cinemas, shopping and bowling. You’ll feel at ease, cocooned in an inspiring world of luxury and elegance. 

Childcare Options

But it’s not all about the children. Adults need space and time to recharge on holiday, and knowing that the kids are in safe hands and enjoying themselves leaves parents free to enjoy the multiple amenities that cruise ships offer. Visit the spa, sweat it out in the gym or just enjoy a cocktail by the pool – childcare can make it happen. Whether it’s clubs for toddlers, a creche for the baby or a babysitter in the evening, MSC cruises offer solutions for children of all ages.

Safety and Security

In the enclosed environment of a cruise ship, you can rest assured that your family is safe. On embarkation, children are issued with security wristbands that must be worn at all times – and some ships even offer digital wristbands that allow parents to see where their little ones are at all times. Well-trained staff are always on hand and everything is dedicated to delivering the holiday of your dreams. Each ship in the MSC Cruises fleet is modern and elegant, designed for comfort and safety.

All-Inclusive experience

On an all-inclusive package, you’re free to relax without worrying about your budget. With meals and drinks included in the cost of the trip, families can focus on fun. Choose from a selection of MSC Cruise’s pre-departure packages that can include excursions, spa treatments, extra cocktails or speciality dining options, and then leave your wallet behind. There are cruise deals available to suit all requirements, whether you’re after a relaxing week, a stylish experience or a great adventure.

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