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More Snuz-ing: The Gift Every Parent Wants

More Snuz-ing: The Gift Every Parent Wants


At the top of any new parent’s Christmas list will undoubtedly be more sleep! Think outside the gift box this year and prepare to fill some stockings for your favourite parents and parents-to-be with the gift of sleep.

These three iconic bedtime must-haves will promise silent nights and yuletide yawns.

1)  SnuzCloud, the cutest baby sleep aid that promises more ZZZ’s! £29.95

2) SnuzPouch, the genius baby sleeping bag with nappy change zip to limit night-time disturbances. £29.95

3) SnuzPod4 the effortlessly stylish first bed for baby, keeping them close by mum and dad. £199.95

Snuz Cloud

Gift the dreamiest sleepy setting with SnuzCloud, the super sweet sleep aid that promises more ZZZ’s for every parent that needs them! With super soft plush fabric, 4 soothing sounds and two light options; the cute and cuddly sleep aid will help comfort and settle baby day and night – it’s a must!

Snuz Cloud Red Lights

Go one step further with your gift this season and help with the dreaded night-time nappy changes! Although it might not seem like the most exciting gift idea, parents doing a middle of the night change, battling a baby who wakes up (and won’t go back to sleep!) will be eternally grateful.

Snuz Pouch

Enter SnuzPouch, an award-winning baby sleeping bag with a genius nappy change zip to limit all disturbances for babies (and parents)! Available in a range of stylish designs, bedtime couldn’t get any cosier (or more convenient)!

Snuz Pod 4

For someone truly special, the SnuzPod4 bedside crib is the answer. An effortlessly stylish first bed for baby, keeping them close by mum and dad always, whilst also promising more sleep for the whole family! The stunning piece of furniture will be passed through the family, ensuring each generation gets lots of ZZZ’s!

  • The forward-thinking design is bursting with innovative sleep-inducing features:
  • The lightweight removable bassinet and reflux tilt are essential features, and perfect for comforting baby
  • The ComfortAir system features unique surface-level air-flow vents, an air-permeable mesh liner, and improved base ventilation, for added breathability
  • A brilliant mattress, complete with a breathable 3D mesh cover promises comfort and support
  • And, dual-view mesh windows and a new zip-down wall for bedside use
  • Available in a new Rose White and Navy alongside the SnuzPod classics of Dove, White, and Natural.

Snuz Pod 4

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