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Stylish home storage solutions


Mama explores the most stylish home solutions for modern mums.

Practical yet striking, home  storage options are now design statements. Whether your prefer the classic design of a Bisley MultiDrawer or the handmade natural qualities of an Artisanne basket, there are options that fit within any interior scheme. Getting organised has never been so beautiful.


Artisanne creates beautiful handwoven baskets in partnership with a team of talented traditional artisans from the remote villages of the Thiès region of Senegal.

Each Artisanne piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, respecting the traditional Senegalese Wolof weaving style while incorporating contemporary designs and colours. The whole Alibaba range, from the laundry baskets through to the baby baba basket, are a lovely feature for any bedroom, bathroom, landing or hallway.



Bisley offers clean, simple, Bauhaus-like styling in its MultiDrawer storage system, which has set the cabinet in good stead to become an icon of storage design. Various sizes mean the MultiDrawer suits all environments, from the office to the home.

MultiDrawers are the ideal solution for organised home storage: no matter what you need to store, from postage stamps to spanners, there is a MultiDrawer to suit. There are a number of multi-compartment insert trays available for storing small items in an organised and tidy fashion and, because it’s available in a large array of colours, the MultiDrawer can be a practical and attractive addition to any home. Label inserts make organisation easy too.



USM Haller modular furniture has proven an enduring success, largely due to its simple yet ingenious design. From a few components, you can build a beautiful and practical piece of furniture, while Swiss precision-engineering ensures strength, versatility and clean lines.

Designed to grow with the changing needs of its users and environment, the system is endlessly adaptable. For example, a sideboard used for storing toys can evolve into a bookshelf perfect for a teenager’s bedroom. The panels can also be changed if the colour scheme of the room changes or you simply prefer to use the furniture in a different room.