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The baby sleep essentials that could help you get ...

The baby sleep essentials that could help you get a better night

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The clocks are about to change and the transition to British Summer Time can mess with our little ones’ sleep routines. Tried and tested by the Absolutely Mama team, here are the sleep essentials that we’ve found help us get a better night’s sleep…

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Snoo Baby

The high tech bassinet

The SNOO by Happiest Baby was created by paediatrician and best-selling author of The Happiest Baby, Dr Harvey Karp. The bassinet for little ones aged from newborn up to around six months, recreates the sensation of being of being in the womb to help promote better sleep. Controlled via an app on your phone, the SNOO rocks, swaddles and plays white noise to your baby, responding to their movements and cries. The app also analyses your little one’s sleep, sending you age appropriate sleep tips and advice. The SNOO is one of the safest baby bassinets on the market, keeping your little one in the recommended position for newborn sleep on their back.

Absolutely Mama says: “The SNOO helps to bridge your little one’s sleep cycles, soothing them back off to sleep when they are on the verge of waking up. It’s the Rolls Royce of baby bassinets and whilst it can’t guarantee you a solid eight hours, we definitely think it helps to improve your little one’s sleep.”

Nanit Plus Complete Bundle

The do-it-all baby monitor

The 1080p Nanit Pro Camera gives you a crystal clear overhead view of your little one’s sleep space. This high-tech baby monitor also plays white noise to your little one, has an integrated night light and allows you to talk to your baby via the Nanit app. What’s more, it analyses your little one’s sleep, tracking their development, sharing appropriate sleep tips and advice.

Absolutely Mama says: “We particularly love the integrated extras that you get with the Nanit. The nature-inspired white noise tracks really help to soothe our little ones off to sleep and the nightlight is brilliant for night time feeds. It’s really reassuring to be able to track our babies’ sleep and development too.”

Bloom And Blossom

The soothing before bed products

A bedtime routine can help your little one sleep more soundly and Bloom & Blossom‘s Matilda Bedtime Gift Set contains three brilliant products to help your get little one ready for sleep. Made from natural ingredients and dermatologist-approved, Matilda’s Hair & Body Wash and Detangler & Conditioner help to create a relaxing bath time experience and the brand’s bestselling Pillow Spray will soothe them to sleep.

Absolutely Mama says: “Scent can become a strong sleep association for babies. We’ve been spraying our little ones’ sheets with Bloom & Blossom’s Pillow Spray since they were newborn and it really helps to settle them when we’re away and they stay in an unfamiliar bed.”

Multi Tog Csb

The multi TOG sleeping bag

MORI‘s clever multi tog sleeping bag ensures that your little one will sleep at the correct temperature all year round. The innovative design has removable inner padding so it can be used as a 2.5 TOG in the winter months or a 0.5 TOG when it’s warm, saving you from having to buy separate sleeping bags.

Absolutely Mama says: “Temperature is vital to little one’s sleep and we have found that our babies sleep better in this sleeping bag. It’s super soft and we love that it’s made from organic cotton and bamboo fibre too.”

Capture B A A A D B E D Cf Ba Ce X X

The organic cotton swaddle

Swaddling is a centuries old practice that many mamas swear by. The practice of gently wrapping your little one in a light breathable blanket is said to help babies feel calm and sleep better. Binibamba X Little Beacon‘s muslin is hand block printed on GOTS certified organic cotton.

Absolutely Mama says: “Swaddling works like magic for many babies once you’ve got the hang of the folding technique. We’ve got so much use out of this giant muslin from Binibamba X Little Beacon. It’s always in our changing bag so we can whip it out for emergency nap situations.”