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The benefits of being a Mumpreneur

Being a mumpreneur

With the rise of the modern day working mum, the internal conflict of whether to stay at home or go back to work has become increasingly more prominent. However in recent years, with the development of technology, more and more women now have the opportunity to work from home and run their own business. From being able to spend time with your kids to already having key skills necessary to be your own boss,  Absolutely Mama looks at why entrepreneurship is great for mums.

Natural leadership skills

Whether you realise it or not, being a mum requires a lot of the same skills it takes to be a boss. In order to manage eight nappy changes a day, effective feeding, sleeping and playing schedules (as well as getting chores done around the house), mums naturally learn to develop excellent time management and prioritisation skills! Trying to calm down your toddler’s tantrum, while breastfeeding your newborn (and making sure to take dinner out of the oven on time) takes patience, resilience and – at some points – superhuman multi-tasking skills. These are exactly the kind of qualities needed in any good leader and entrepreneur.

Best of both worlds

For mums who have struggled with the age old question of whether to stay at home or go back to work, being a mumpreneur provides the perfect solution. Now you can do both – be there for your children and still work in a job you are passionate about. Sometimes many mothers feel that having a child means the end of their career for some time, however this is not the case. Mumpreneurship allows you to both fulfil that natural desire to look after and nurture your children, as well as develop yourself and your career.

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Be a role model

Every parent desires to be an excellent role model for the child. Many studies have shown that children who have working mums learn the value of hard work and discipline from a young age. Infact, a study conducted by Harvard Business School found that children with working mums perform better in school than their peers and better overall in their eventual career. They become more resilient and learn, through watching their parents, to cope with the many demands of everyday life. What better way to teach your child the value of hard work, than inspiring them through your own acts?


Probably the number one reason most people go into business for themselves is the flexibility. When you are in charge of your own business, you get to choose when to work, the location you work, and how many hours you work. Being your own boss allows you to prioritise your life in a much more meaningful way, and this is all the more important for mums. Need to attend a parents evening, do a school run or take your child to piano practice? Go ahead! Being a mumpreneur gives you the power and flexibility to live life on your terms and in accordance with your child’s needs.

But before being a mumpreneur & launching your startup from home, it is recommended that you seek proper counselling from corporate lawyers and even defence attorneys who can explain how to legally operate here.

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