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The Best Apps for New Mums


A round-up of the best apps that every new mum will want to download to make their life easier

Being a new mum can mean wishing you had several extra hours in the day and a set of octopus hands. So when time is precious, the last thing you want is to be fishing around on complicated websites for instant information! Enter the world of time-saving apps – parent hacks at your fingertips, that every new mum needs. From sleeping aids to new mum meet ups or quickly finding a changing place when you’re out and about, these apps will give you more time and less stress.

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Best for: Helping Baby Sleep

How it works: White Noise is a mix of different pitches blended together and is a great tool to soothe fussing babies while boosting sleep. Popular sounds include a whirring fan, aeroplane hum or the ever-reliable ‘ssh’. If you’ve ever used Youtube for a free white noise playlist, you’ll know when an advert suddenly plays mid-sleep it’s game over! So a fail-safe option (and a less brighter screen) is to use Sound Sleeper. Other sounds include the vacuum cleaner, gentle rain, comforting womb, and soothing lullabies, with traditional favorites and modern renditions.

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Best for: Meeting new mums

How it works: Dubbed the Tinder for mums, Peanut allows you to meet other mums near you. With a filter for baby’s age and mum’s interests, it swiftly matches you with other ‘Peanuts’ close by. An app made for connecting within the community – you’ll soon be laughing, crying and comparing each other’s sleepless nights over a double shot espresso in your local café.


Best for: motherhood support

How it works: Another brilliant app for helping you to meet mums near you. Carol is also useful for helping you to create groups, join groups and create your own communities. 

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Best for: Baby and children’s activities near you

How it Works: Stuck for fun things to do with your little one? Then Hoop is the easy access app for you. Find and book activities from newborns to 11 years old within your local area. You’ll never have to watch a re-run of Peppa Pig again!


Best for: Monitoring baby when sleeping

How it works: Cloud Baby Monitor needs no extra technology as you simply download the app, which works on an iPad and iPhone. You link the two for an instant baby monitor wherever you are. Keep one device with your baby and watch live video with crystal clear audio on your other. It can be used at home or as a perfect holiday accessory as you get real time notifications about your baby’s noises and movements.

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Best for: De-stressing and relaxing

How it works: Created by a mum, Clementine has a range of hypnotherapy sessions designed to help women when they have a specific need. For example: when you can’t get back to sleep after a night feed, when you need a day time snooze when the baby is napping, or when you’ve had a tough day with the kids and need to reset. The sessions are different lengths so they are easy to fit around a busy schedule. Great for helping tired out mamas relax and get a boost of energy.


Best for: Finding the nearest baby changing station

How it works: We’ve all been there, you’re having the perfect outing then there is a sudden ‘explosion’! Fortuitously NCT Baby Change, the emergency godsend, locates the nearest changing facility throughout the UK which you can quickly and easily access, without a fuss in sight.

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Best for: Childcare on demand

How it works: If you need a night off but the grandparents don’t live close by, Bubble is godsend. Trusted by over 100K parents, the app connects you with childcare providers to meet your needs – from daytime nannies to after school carers and evening babysitters. All of Bubble’s sitters and nannies are verified and have reviews from the Bubble community on their profile. You can also view the sitters your friends and neighbours have used before.


Best for: Tracking how long your baby feeds

How it works: Recommended by NHS midwives Baby Feed Timer helps you track how long your baby feeds (whether bottle of breast). It also sends you helpful reminders when a feed is due and for breastfeeding mamas, advises which breast to start on. The app is also useful for recording nappy changes, tracking sleep, medication as well as solid food and baby’s measurements.