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The effect of light on food and drink

The effect of light on food and drink



The effect of light on the food and drinks you consume has been of increasing interest to scientists. Read on to hear how it could be affecting you.

Is the milk you buy delivering the nutrients you expect and need?

We expect things to do what they say they will. Cars take us from A to B, Hollywood blockbusters entertain us, and food should be nourishing. We deserve to get what we pay for. What it says on the label, should be exactly what’s in our food. It should be as simple as that.

But is it? When it comes to fresh milk, for example, we’re promised that it will nourish our children.

We are told that fresh milk will provide our little ones with important nutrients such as calcium, vitamins A, D and B2, also known as riboflavin. All of these nutrients are essential in order to keep them healthy, thriving bundles of energy we love.

A light problem

Yet what you might not know is that light is causing some of these nutrients to degrade. This means that the nutrient-rich milk fresh from the farm may have arrived in your fridge with less of the good stuff than you’d expect.

Indoor lights in the supermarket and even the lights in your fridge can damage the vitamins in your milk. Here’s what happens: after just 15 minutes of light exposure, milk tastes different. Then after just two hours of exposure to LED lighting – the type often found in your supermarket coming from the overhead lights and fridges –  fresh milk begins to lose vitamin A. Then, after 16 hours the milk you have in a conventional bottle will have just half the Vitamin A it started with. For young children who really need the nutrients to help them grow and develop healthily, this poses a real problem.


Thriving children need specific nutrients

So, what’s the solution?

Although it might sound alarming, there’s a simple solution. And, believe it or not, it’s all in the bottle. As consumers, the more clued-up we are the better. Buying milk in light-protected packaging will help keep the nutrients safe and in tact, and ensure you get the nutrition you and your family deserve. Fresh milk protected from light by dairy companies remains fresher and tastier for longer.  Plus, you can ensure your little ones are getting exactly what they need.

We say: stand up for milk goodness and fight the light.

Noluma Light Protection.

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