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Top Five Tips to Help You Lose Baby Weight

Top Five Tips to Help You Lose Baby Weight

lose baby weight

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Okay, relax. You’ve just had a baby. Ignore everything you’re seeing on social media, you don’t have to look like an Instagram model. Typically, your body will need six-eight weeks of recovery time, depending on your labour, and the most important things right now are you, your baby and your recovery. When you feel ready to start exercising and get back into your skinny jeans, these top tips we’ve compiled will help you ditch the stretchy maternity pants and get you back into your old clothes.

Make a move

The easiest, simplest way to start moving a bit more is to incorporate it into your everyday routine. If you can’t get your baby to sleep, take them out for a nice, long stroll in the park. Or, if that doesn’t calm them down, even a walk around the corner will help. When you’re hanging out the 8,000 babygros you will somehow be washing every day, try squatting and lunges as you’re doing this task. For a little variety, pick up less strenuous hobbies such as gardening to keep you outdoors.

Pace Yourself

Once your doctor has cleared you, you’re ready for more strenuous workouts. As we mentioned above, most mums aren’t ready for exercise until at least six weeks. Again – listen to your body and only start when you’re sure you feel ready. When pregnant, it can be common for your stomach muscles to detach – this is called diastasis recti. Doing sit-ups at this time won’t give you your desired flat stomach. However, working on your core, especially doing back-strengthening exercises will do a lot more for your wobbly bits than you think. Why not look into postnatal fitness programs like Buggyfit to help you kick-start the weight loss process? There’s no need for a babysitter as you incorporate your baby into your exercise routine.

Have a Support Network

No one knows what you’re going through better than other mums. Find a Mummy & Me class that works for you and surround yourself with other supportive mums who understand the joys and struggles of motherhood and are on the same journey as you. Whether you’re a first time mum or a seasoned veteran, there’s nothing wrong than seeking assurance from those around you. If you’re all going to different classes like Buggyfit, why not go to the park with your babies and show each other what you’ve learnt?

Be Mindful

There’s nothing wrong with taking time for you. When your partner comes homes from work, hand your baby over for an hour and take some much deserved – and needed – R&R. This will give you more energy to help with your new routine, with the added bonus of giving you more energy for exercising. It also allows bonding time for your co-parents with their baby. Just remember, being a mum may be a 24-hour job, but it’s okay to take your lunch break.

Eat Healthily

With a baby around the house, mums need a nutritional diet that will help them lose weight.  Trying to balance a healthy lifestyle and your new responsibilities can be draining, so to make it easier, look into ready-made nutritional products such as So Shape.

These sweet and savoury Smart Meals are incredibly convenient and suitable for flexible living – being easy to prepare for busy mums who need to eat on the go, with the option of creating shakes or easily heating up savoury meals, such as risotto and pasta, on the stove or in the microwave. SoShape Smart Meals are also a wholesome and healthy, low-calorie products that provide you with all your daily nutritional value. These Smart Meals don’t include any GMOs, gluten, accelerators or appetite suppressants, with veggie options available. Not only will a cleaner diet make you feel better, it’ll get you on the path to looking better too.

With over twenty-two flavours available, you can also be assured that you won’t be following a boring diet plan. Moreover, all the sweet flavours can be transformed into alternative recipes when you’re in the mood for little indulgence, such as chocolate mousse. Competitively priced at less than £3 a meal, these meals are easy to incorporate into your weekly budget.

If you’re a mum looking to take advantage of the So Shape meals, take a look.