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The best pre and post natal fitness classes

The best pre and post natal fitness classes

fitness classes

The best yoga, ballet, barre and HIIT classes in London for pre and post natal women, where the babies are welcome to come along too

Words Miriam Carey

The benefits of keeping active throughout pregnancy and afterwards are endless, from strengthening up, to pain relief, and having fun. However pregnant ladies and mums are often given mixed messages about what exercises are safe for them.

For this reason attending specialised pre and post natal fitness classes can be really helpful for peace of mind. Plus there is the benefit of getting a chance to meet loads of like-minded mamas!

We’ve tried out some of the best pre and post natal fitness classes in London and you can be sure this lot are run by really knowledgeable and experienced trainers in working mums and soon to be mums.

Move Your Frame

fitness classes

Locations: Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Queen’s Park, Victoria

What: Specialised pre and post natal fitness classes and workshops. Pre-natal classes include yoga and pilates, post natal classes also offer the addition of HIIT and ‘tums’.

Pre natal classes focus on strengthening and stretching the areas that work hard to carry your baby while pregnant. Post natal classes focus on slowly getting things back to normal – exercising the pelvic floor and deep core.

Barre & Baby

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Locations: St Johns Wood, Notting Hill, Islington

What: Super fun ballet classes for mums and mums to be, where babies are fully welcome in attendance. This is very much real ballet – barre warm up, pliés, tendus, glissés, and relevés.

But beginners are welcome and babies are given time for a warmup and stretch too. Classes will quickly build muscle tone, balance and flexibility, and you will meet a bundle of like minded mamas and babies too.

Xtend Barre

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Locations: Marylebone

What: A full body dynamic workout where the baby is invited to join you. Exercises work through the upper body, lower body, abdominals, followed by stretching, all with baby joining you on the mat or in a sling.

Barre is an incredibly safe workout, which is good for the joints, improving circulation, preventing discomfort,and lengthening and strengthening muscles. Also a great mood improver, chance to sweat, and have fun with your little one.

Hub Pregnancy

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Location: Clapham Common

What: A holistic programme that looks at all aspects of health and fitness for mums and mums to be. Pre and post natal fitness classes are limited to 6 ladies and combine strength and flexibility training with core and cardiovascular components.

The aim is to get mums feeling as fit as possible and protected against injuries. Onsite they specialise in providing osteopathy, massage, nutrition advice, full post-partum MOT with a woman health expert, as well as continual support.

Bumps and Burpees

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Location: Chelsea

What: Bumps and Burpees is a dedicated pre and post natal space within Lomax in Chelsea that is just for mums. PT sessions are run by trainers who are highly experienced and passionate about helping woman with all aspects of pregnancy and being a new mum. Both pre and post natal women are offered a full complementary screening, health, nutrition, and well being advice. The space is equipped with bouncers, carriers and endless toys to keep the little one happy while you workout.


fitness classes

Locations: Camden, Chelsea, Soho, Covent Garden

What: Pre and post natal yoga classes. Pre natal yoga classes combine traditional yoga postures, with safe and gentle modifications, to help mothers connect their breath with their body.

Yoga increases mother’s strength and flexibility, exploring what movements feel good, and teaching tools of relaxation and breath awareness they can take home, and into labour and birth. In post natal classes babies are welcome and they are great for increasing fitness and meeting a community of like minded parents.

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