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Top tips for travelling with a baby

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Whether you’re going on holiday, or visiting family, baby’s first trip away can seem a little daunting. From what to pack, to how to adjust your little one’s routine, here are some top tips to help make travelling with a baby go smoothly and be as stress-free as possible.

Plan ahead

Planning is key when it comes to travelling with a baby. Research your travel route, and the most baby-friendly places to stay. Check out the local amenities such as medical facilities, pharmacies, supermarkets (is there somewhere you can buy nappies, wipes, etc?), and family-friendly places to eat, and visit.

Make a checklist of essential items to pack for your baby, including nappies, milk, bottles, extra clothing, and any medications they may need. Split this list into things you can pack in advance and things you’ll need to pack on the day of travel.

Check travel options

If there’s several ways to reach your destination, think about what will be the most comfortable way to travel for both you and your little one. For example, driving might be quicker, but a train could be a better option if your baby likes to be held. Consider their routine too. If you’re flying long-haul, a night flight where your little one can sleep most of the way might be the best option.

For flights, check the airline’s policy on infant travel, including baggage allowances and seating arrangements. If your little one is under two years old, most airlines don’t require them to have their own seat. However, the extra space may make you more comfortable, so find out if they can allocate you a spare seat.

Most airlines can also provide baby bassinets, but you’ll need to book in advance. Airline staff are usually really helpful with heating baby bottles etc and some even provide spare nappies and wipes. It’s always a good idea to check in advance if you know you’ll need these things.

Finiti Oyster Sept Cc Hr

Choose the right travel kit

Make sure your little one can travel safely and comfortably to your destination as well as when you get there. Even if you’re not driving, you’ll probably need a travel system that includes a car seat for trips in taxis or family members’ cars.

Choosing a travel system that’s lightweight and flexible can make a huge difference. We love the Joie Finiti Flex Travel Bundle. The included i-Level Recline car seat not only meets the highest safety standards, but the ergonomic design reclines baby in safe position for cosy napping on-the-go.

Easy to transport, the Finiti also folds down easily so you can stow it in a car boot. The parent-facing or world-facing stroller seat is super comfortable, and for babies under six months, the Ramble XL carrycot is perfect for safe and comfy snoozing.

Book baby-friendly accommodation

We like to look for places that strike the balance between being family-friendly and parent-pleasing. Luckily there are lots of stylish stays now that are amazing at catering for young families.

Consider space – will you need a family room, villa, or cottage? If you’re putting your little one to bed early, it can be tricky if you’re all sleeping in the same room. Having access to a kitchen can also make mealtimes with little ones easier.

Call ahead to check if your accommodation can provide travel cots, high chairs, and other baby equipment. Ask if there’s a kids menu, or if they provide baby food, and toiletries for little ones. Do they have a baby-sitting service, creche, or kids club, so that you can have some time to relax?

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Pack wisely

The list of items to take when you travel with your little one can seem endless. Pack strategically to make sure you have everything you need, whilst also minimising unnecessary items.

A travel system such as the Joie Finiti Flex, that allows you to attach the car seat to the stroller, is a must-pack. This is brilliant for days where you’ll be hopping in and out of taxis and strolling around to see the sights.

Don’t forget to pack entertainment such as toys or books to keep your little occupied on-the-go.

Be flexible

Travelling with a little one can be unpredictable so be prepared to adjust your plans if necessary. Allow extra time for unexpected delays and try to remain calm if things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

Having a comfortable place for baby to nap on-the-go, such as the Joie Finiti Flex stroller, can make a big difference. As long as baby can sleep, feed, and you have a place to change them, then you’re winning!

Consider health and safety

Before you travel, make sure your little one is up to date with vaccinations. Carry any necessary medical documents and medications with you. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance, and research health cover if you’re going abroad.

We also like to make sure we have plenty of wipes and hand sanitiser when we’re going on public transport and visiting crowded places.

Finiti Oyster Sept Cc Hr
Healthcare professionals recommend that babies should not be in their car seat for longer than 2 hours at a time and should be taken out frequently

Keep up with their routine

Travelling can disrupt your little one’s routine, but you’ll have a happier baby if you stick to their regular feeding and sleeping schedule as much as possible. Adjust your plans accordingly, and make sure you check things like time differences.

Make sure your baby has somewhere cosy to sleep on the go – such as the Joie Finiti Flex Stroller. Familiarity can help your little one feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

Go with the flow

Finally, relax and enjoy the adventure together. Stuff will go wrong – you’ll run out of nappies, or get covered in milk just as you’re boarding the plane – but these are the things you’ll laugh at later. Travelling with little ones won’t always go to plan, but the only thing that matters is making happy memories.

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