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Tot Gear – Four best buys for babies

Tot Gear – Four best buys for babies

A contemporary moses basket, Mamas and Papas’ collaboration with Liberty, a travel mattress and a video monitor

Words  Helen Baron

Tot Gear – Four best buys for babies

Mamas and Papas

The apotheosis of Mamas and Papas’ collaboration with Liberty London, this special edition Urbo2 stroller is decked out in a striking peacock-feather print and add-ons include a matching footmuff and carrycot – ensuring baby stays warm as well as stylish.





Frequent-flying parents will appreciate the SkyBaby travel mattress. It works with or without the airline infant belt and allows baby to sleep comfortably in your lap. Weighing less than half a kilo, the portable bit of kit rolls into a tiny package and clips externally to any other baggage.

£33, available at JoJo Maman Bébé;




The ingenious Moba is the only moses basket with integrated, durable handles. Made from anti-microbial plastic, it’s washable, hygienic and hypoallergenic for babies’ sensitive skin. The material makes it recyclable, while air holes at the sides and base ensure adequate ventilation.


Tot Gear – Four Best Buys
Mamas and Papas for Liberty London
Tot Gear – Four Best Buys
Sky Baby Travel Mattress
Tot Gear – Four Best Buys
BT Video Monitor 7000

BT Video Baby Monitor 7000

In the early days of parenthood, mother and baby are often inseparable, but as little ones grow and (hopefully) learn to rest independently, you’ll probably want some way to stay connected while you get on with all the things you’ve put aside for the last few months. Step forward the BT Video Baby Monitor 7000, which is so much more than a glorified walkie-talkie.

With HD video and sound, you can hear and see your baby clearly – even the tiniest breath comes through loud and clear – and a handy thermometer alerts you if the temperature changes beyond predefined levels. The unit can also play a string of soothing lullabies or nature sounds and project a pretty lightshow onto walls or ceilings, so baby has something to distract her if she awakes wondering, ‘Where’s Mama?’ The bad side? No more excuses for not doing the washing-up…


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