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Tried and Tested: The SmarTrike Xtend Bike

Tried and Tested: The SmarTrike Xtend Bike


Learning to ride a bike is one of childhood’s most exciting milestones. We all remember the first time we took off and our parents let go of our seat. However, little ones grow so fast that it can be expensive (not to mention bad for the environment) when you have to keep buying new bikes every few years.

The SmarTrike Xtend Bike stands out as an innovative solution designed to grow with your child, providing a seamless transition from balance bike and to a pedal bike. This balance to pedal bike design is a game-changer for parents seeking a long-term investment that adapts to their child’s development stages, offering convenience, safety, and fun in one package.

Design and Build Quality

One of the first things you notice about the SmarTrike Extendable Bike is its sturdy construction. The frame is made of high-quality metal, ensuring durability that can withstand the rough and tumble of active play. The bike features a sleek, modern design that appeals to both kids and parents. We went for classic black/blue but they also offer a black and pink option.  The smooth finish gives it a premium look, and the extendable parts feel robust and well-engineered.

The bike’s extendable nature is perhaps its most impressive feature. With just a few adjustments, it can transform from a balance bike, to a full-fledged pedal bike, making it suitable for children up to 7 years old. This adaptability means you won’t need to purchase a new bike at every stage of your child’s growth, saving money and more sustainable.

Ease of Use

Setting up the Xtend Bike is relatively straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions provided. The extendable parts are user-friendly, with tools included for the necessary adjustments. Parents will appreciate the quick and hassle-free transition between the different stages, allowing the bike to grow with their child without needing complex modifications.

The bike is also lightweight, making it easy for parents to carry and manoeuvre, yet it remains stable and secure when in use. 

Xtend Bike Gallery Blue

Safety Features

Safety is a paramount consideration for any child’s bike, and SmarTrike has not skimped in this department. The bike is equipped with non-slip pedals, secure handlebars, and a comfortable, adjustable seat that ensures a proper fit at every stage. The wheels are designed to provide a smooth ride on various surfaces, with adequate traction to prevent slipping.

As a balance bike, the Xtend Bike helps children gain confidence in their ability to balance, which is crucial before transitioning to a pedal bike. Additionally, the materials used are non-toxic and child-safe, meeting all relevant safety standards.

Performance and Ride Quality

The SmarTrike Xtend Bike delivers an impressive ride quality across its different configurations. As a balance bike, it is easy for children to manage, with a frame that is light enough for them to lift and maneuver but strong enough to support them securely. When fully converted to a pedal bike, it remains easy to pedal and steer, making it a joy for children to ride.

Final thoughts

The SmarTrike Xtend Bike is a well-thought-out product that combines versatility, durability, and safety. Its ability to adapt to a child’s growing needs makes it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for families. While the initial investment might be higher than some single-stage bikes, the extended usability and high-quality construction make it well worth the price. Parents seeking a reliable, fun, and practical bike for their child will find the SmarTrike Extendable Bike to be an excellent choice.