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A Brand we Love

“Children’s furniture and toys” is how Uuio defines itself online – a spare, straightforward description that both reflects the German brand’s minimalist ethos and belies the beguiling nature of its products.

Design is at the heart of the this brand, which began with an effort to reimagine the humble high chair. The result, which forms one part of the broader Uuio SIB furniture concept, is a modern masterpiece combining a classic form with high-end materials and functional simplicity.

The remainder of the collection is just as enticing – from Uuio TRE, an arboreal spin on building blocks hewn from solid oak, to Uuio ONN, a multicoloured wool rug made in Germany from completely natural fibres. But our current favourite is Uuio VII, a child’s bed crafted from oak and featuring a softly angular design and fun yellow struts under the mattress. The effect is one of playful dynamism, albeit a dynamism of the most stylish and structured sort. Available in two sizes, it’s soon to be reworked as a daybed – which we’re sure we’ll be seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram before the summer is out...

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