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Why you should invest in your child’s feet

Why you should invest in your child’s feet


Absolutely Mama has partnered up with award-winning children’s footwear brand Young Soles, to talk about why investing in your child’s feet is one of the most important things you can do.

Proper development

Buying the correct footwear is very important for growing feet. From babyhood, feet are soft and pliable so wearing the wrong footwear for prolonged periods of time can lead to problems later in life. Up until the age of three, a child’s feet will grow roughly half a size every three months, and from three to six years old, this increases to every six months. Many parents end up buying shoes that are a few sizes too big in order to accommodate this rapid growth, however this isn’t always a good idea – oversized shoes make it difficult for your child to walk naturally, as well as cause trips which can lead to foot problems later on.

Due to this, it’s important to get your child’s feet measured every few months by a professional to ensure they are fitted with the correct size and style of shoe for their feet. Young Soles have shoes specifically designed for growing feet, suitable for everyone from babies to teens, to ensure proper foot development is accommodated at every stage.

Comfort and durability

Comfort is another key reason to invest in your child’s feet – we all know what it feels like to spend the day in uncomfortable shoes! And since kids spend most of their time being active, comfort and durability is all the more important. Kids’ shoe soles should be sturdy and thick enough to protect feet from pain and injury but also flexible enough to bend with the foot and allow for proper development. All of Young Soles’ designs keep this in mind, following the natural shape of the foot, with a wide toe and narrow heel. Materials used are comfortable soft leather uppers and linings that mould to the contours of the foot. The soles are made from a highly flexible and lightweight EVA rubber, allowing free movement of the foot with each hop, skip and run.

Encouraging independence

For parents, time is valuable and the last thing you want is to spend ages faffing around with laces in the middle of a school run! Investing in the right shoes will not only give you an easier ride every time you have to sneak a pair onto your fidgety child, but it can also help build your child’s sense of independence as they grow. Velcro or zip-up shoes are a great place to start with young children as they can learn how to easily put on and take off their own shoes. These types of fastening systems also cater to rapidly growing feet and can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

As your child grows, experimenting with other fastening systems such as buckles and laces can create a real sense of accomplishment as your child learns how to use them – remember that feeling of pride when you first tied your own shoe laces?
Young Soles’ designs include a variety of fastening systems, from slide-ons and zip-ups, to velcro, buckles and laces, so you can find the right type to suit your child’s needs. They even have combination fastening systems which work really well –  all of their lace-up boots also include zips which means little ones can get them on and off quickly while they are still learning to do their laces.

No need to compromise on style

The search for comfort doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Young Soles creates beautiful designs that blend retro-cool with classic British heritage. Each style is available in multiple colours and textures meaning that you find a shoe to match any occasion or outfit. All shoes are made using the finest quality materials which are built to last, to be comfortable and to work with the shape of your child’s feet. By seamlessly combining style with comfort, Young Soles have built collections that are well known and loved by children and discerning parents all over the world. So the next time you go shoe shopping, look out for a special pair of shoes designed to help your kids look cool and feel great. It’ll be a step in the right direction for your child’s development and overall happiness (pun intended).

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