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Style inspo from Wild Hearts Wonder founders

Style inspo from Wild Hearts Wonder founders

wild hearts wonder

Sisters Emily and Mairead of Wild Hearts Wonder share their inspirations


Favourite Piece of Art

wild hearts wonder

David LaChapelle and Tim Walker have been long-term favourites for us both. We love how they capture the whimsical nature of our brand ethos.

What inspired wild hearts wonder?

wild hearts wonder

There is nothing more joyful than listening to your children lost in their make-believe world. Our prints are designed to spark their imaginations, and inspire them to create their own fairy tales.

Your work’s biggest inspiration

wild hearts wonder

We aim to capture the magic of childhood in our prints. We get inspiration mainly from nature, with a dash of childhood nostalgia and a sprinkling of Roald Dahl silliness.

Favourite designer

Fsvourite Designer

We have always loved Gucci for our clothing inspiration, and currently share the love for big cats! For our interiors collection, de Gournay have inspired us with their opulent, hand-painted designs.

Favourite Autumn Activity 

wild hearts wonder

We have a family cottage in Broadstairs, so visits to the beach are a must for every season. In autumn the crowds have gone and sometimes you are left with a beautiful sunset and an empty beach to yourself!

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