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World Child Cancer’s Carol Service and Christmas C...

World Child Cancer’s Carol Service and Christmas Cabin

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World Child Cancer’s Carol Service and Christmas Cabin are both fantastic ways to support children with cancer throughout the festive period. Find out more about how you can give a gift that makes a real impact.

World Child Cancer is the leading international children’s charity dedicated to addressing the global inequality in childhood cancer care. Founded in 2007, World Child Cancer now supports 13 programmes in Africa, Asia and Central America. Their vision is a world where every child with cancer has equal access to treatment and care. Their mission is to improve diagnosis, treatment and support for children with cancer, and their families, in low and middle-income countries around the world.

Over the past 14 years, World Child Cancer has reached 40,000 children and their families. Children like five-year-old Kobi. When Kobi fell from his bicycle when playing with friends, his grandmother Amma wasn’t too concerned. Familiar with childhood scrapes, she applied home remedies to his bruised knee. But on this occasion, Kobi’s knee did not heal. Instead, it continued to swell and cause him pain. Amma, Kobi’s main caretaker, began to worry and decided to take him to Bolgatanga Hospital in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

From there, he was referred to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, a specialist cancer centre supported by World Child Cancer. The family were given the shocking news that Kobi had osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. There was no time to lose. He needed to have his right leg amputated and to begin chemotherapy. Kobi’s grandmother, Amma, said It was heart-breaking to see him go through this pain; it was a very stressful time for him and for the whole family. It was also very difficult financially. We sold all our animals to help pay for treatment. However, we were determined to support him.”

World Child Cancer helped Kobi and his family with diagnostics, drugs, accommodation, family support and the finance of his surgery. Amma expressed her gratitude for this help: Things would have been very difficult without this support; it has really helped us”.

Kobi is doing much better now, and both he and his family are delighted with his recovery. Kobi’s grandmother, Amma, expressed her great admiration for her grandchild and said she would do anything for him to have a promising future:I pray he becomes the doctor he wants to be when he grows up”, Amma said.

World Child Cancer have reached 8,800 children in 2020 and would like to raise this number to over 16,000 by 2025. You could help them to reach this target by donating to the charity and supporting their upcoming events:

World Child Cancer’s Spirit of Christmas Carol Service

World Child Cancers The Spirit Of Christmas Banner

Date: 15th December 2021

Time: 7pm

Location: Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square, London, SW1

If you are interested in volunteering or would like any more information about these events, please contact [email protected]