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Yummy frozen yoghurt lollies look forward to summe...

Yummy frozen yoghurt lollies look forward to summer

Claudi And Fin Yoghurt Lollies

These frozen treats make a brilliant alternative to ice creams on hot sunny days

Words Holly Kirkwood

Now that summer’s on the way it’s time to look forward to afternoons in the park and the garden with the littles, and picnics and healthy snacks. Made with whole milk and Greek Style yoghurt, Claudi & Fin frozen yoghurt lollies are a great idea for health conscious parents who regularly find themselves struggling with daily requests for ice creams.

Created by two mums – Claudi & Fin’s mums, to be exact – who were frustrated in their search for a healthy lolly for children, the lollies use only completely natural ingredients, with no hidden nasties.

Each lolly also boasts nearly a third of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D, and the Greek style yoghurt brings with it calcium, potassium, and zinc, and there is a lot less sugar in these little pops than in most ice lollies.

The Minis are the perfect size for little hands, and just the right size to be consumed in one sitting, meaning no melted yoghurt puddles to clean up on the table, floor, lap… these girls have thought of everything. Claudi & Fin lollies may have been created for children, but there have been lots of confirmed sightings of parents tucking in too. The deliciously creamy taste and low calorie count (less than 55 calories a pop for the full size, and 30 calories for the Minis) may have something to do with this…

Get them in packs of four at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Budgens – and just wait for the sun to come out! (Er, no time soon then… )

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