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A great gift for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day gift ideas

 This personalised line of jewellery makes a great idea for a Mother’s Day present

If you’ve looked around for a perfect Mother’s Day gift, or a personalised gift for your mum or a friend, sister, or want to give a hint to your husband/partner, the Matilda necklace is a great place to start.

Made from the birthstones of loved ones, and put together individually for each commission, this is a really lovely bespoke piece which lets mums wear their loved ones close to their hearts in a beautiful way.  On a mission to find the perfect personalised necklace for her daughter, Emilie to celebrate the birth of her first grandaughter – Matilda – Jacqueline Ashworth scoured the shops. With the rise in popularity of personalised jewellery you would think this was an easy task, but it proved to be anything but.

Jacqueline wanted something different, something a bit out of the ordinary. This is when she decided to create her own personalised birthstone design to give to her daughter – The Matilda Necklace.

the matilda necklaceThis piece allows you to choose your own loved-ones’ birthstones, so each and every Matilda Necklace can tell a story. Last year The Matilda Necklace became a big hit amongst mums, so mother and daughter decided to join forces and launch the Jacqueline Ashworth business – with baby Matilda in tow.

The collection is founded on the belief that jewellery should be completely wearable, affordable yet still create a luxurious impression. Each and every piece is individually designed and handcrafted by Jacqueline in her workshop in Devon – ensuring every piece is unique.

Jacqueline looks to the natural world for inspiration and will often find little treasures to spark off an idea whilst out on a walk by the shore or in the woods with her dogs.
She works with precious and semi precious materials, and the pieces are made in a contemporary style, with inspiration from the natural world.  The Matilda Collection makes the perfect, bespoke gift for a new mum, grandparent, best friend, sister, wife, godmother or simply put – someone special. Choose your loved one’s individual birthstones and make your necklace or bracelet your own with our beautiful collection of meticulously hand chosen gemstones – a perfect gift for mother’s day. Necklaces start at £30.

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