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Ask The Expert – How to prevent fussy eating...

Ask The Expert – How to prevent fussy eating?

chicken and sweet potato curry

Words Mark Salter

Mark is the founder of for aisha baby food – a major UK infant food brand, pioneering exotic tastes for little ones

How do I ensure that my little one won’t be a fussy eater?

I’m a big believer in not giving sugar (not even fruit sugars) to your little ones for as many years as possible. Weaning with sweet foods can lead to unhealthy food choices in later life.

It’s important that your little one receives the correct nutrients required for growth and development. These are often different to ones found in adult food (also some ingredients prevalent in adult food, like salt are to be avoided) so it’s often recommended to cook or purchase a separate meal for your little one to the rest of the family.


No one food can offer all of the nutrients that your child needs so a wide variety of foods is best. Make meal times a fun taste adventure by cooking with a range of exotic healthy ingredients. This will broaden their taste palates so they will not be fussy eaters as they grow. Look out for toddler meal recipes from India or North Africa that use herbs & mild-tasting spices (not chilli) which are super-healthy, smell great and taste delicious; eliminating the need for sugary foods. It’s proven that for many infants these new tastes will lead to bigger healthier appetites and improved food choices in later life.

We develop our recipes for aisha foods with small amounts of cumin, turmeric, garlic, coriander, and many other fun ingredients like chickpeas, lentils and quinoa.

We sold our first million meals, and  won a national food award in 2016 and we receive numerous messages from parents saying how happy they are that their children are now eating and sleeping more soundly from having full tummies. Begin your taste adventures and give healthy exotic cooking a go.


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