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Beat the Back to School Blues

Beat the Back to School Blues

Back to School

Switching your child’s routine from ‘holiday mode’ to ‘back to school’ can be quite a difficult task but we have some ways to help ease the transition.

A new year at school could mean new struggles for your little ones. New research from Soreen, the British Baker behind the iconic malt loaf and school approved Lunchbox Loaves, has found that the first week of the school term is difficult for the majority of children. 57 percent of parents revealed their children were grumpier… most likely because they are upset they aren’t on holiday anymore! 

In the hope of helping you and your little one, public health expert Dr. Emma Derbyshire has shared some of her top tips to get your children out of their ‘back to school’ slump.


62 percent of parents felt that their children struggled to concentrate at the start of school. Being thrown straight into the school environment can be a lot to handle. Rather than plunging them back in headfirst, have a talk about it. Perhaps they have missed some particular friends or something they usually do at school. Start to get them ready for school by taking them shopping, involving them and asking them to pick things for their lunchbox or pencil case.


As for most of us routine is key – we are, after all, creatures of habit. With a routine, children then know what to expect and when to expect it.  So a good healthy breakfast, glass of water before school, mid-morning snack and drink, balanced lunch, afternoon snack and evening meal followed by some reading or family activities can really help children and prevent confusions which can develop into tantrums or arguments.

Back to School
Dr Emma Derbyshire, Public Health and children’s nutrition expert


Children should aim to eat a varied diet to get the range of nutrients that they need. It is important that they take in enough to provide them with energy for the entire day. Skipping breakfast should be avoided as this important meal helps to provide children with key vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fibre.  When on the run, it’s a good idea to pack some fresh fruit and snacks such Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaves which have slow release energy are great for lunch boxes as this will help to keep their energy levels up ready for the afternoon.


Every child is different, but children of school age generally need about 10 hours sleep. 55 percent of parents experienced irritability in their children after school which could be due to lack of rest. They should start to wind down about 1 hour before bed and devices such as iPads should be avoided as this can stimulate rather than relax them.  A nice bath, hot drink of milk, or Horlicks can also help to relax them ready for a good night’s sleep.


There is no perfect recipe for success when it comes to getting children ready for the start of term. However, these tips are sure to be helpful for your little ones, and they will soon be vibrant little learners once again.


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