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Best baby skin range/product: Little Alex Hand and...

Best baby skin range/product: Little Alex Hand and Mouth Baby Wipes


Little Alex is an Australian baby products purveyor that primarily produces healthy baby food. The brand logo reflects an Australian baby Koala with a shape of oil drop, which is created based on a positive attitude with a bright, cheerful, honest personality and a genuine smile. Little Alex mainly manufactures a wide range of edible cold-pressed oils to help to develop healthy eating habits for babies and families. For example, the oils we produce like walnut, avocado, flaxseed, olive, sunflower, almond, and macadamia, which the raw materials are selected through the strict specification from ‘Little Alex Well & Care 3.0 Ingredients Selection System’. Hence, Little Alex’s team chooses the ingredients from fully certified suppliers in compliance with industry criteria.

1. Contains New Zealand Manuka Honey, Squalane, Jojoba oil, Rosa damascena, Kiwi fruit extract, Grapefruit essential oil

2. 0 Preservative/alcohol/bleacher/colors/artificial food flavoring/fluorescein /etc

3. Baby Water Plus 8 times System

4. Clean-Cycle-Control manufacture techniques

5. FDA registered factory