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Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket: Micralite Sleep &#...

Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket: Micralite Sleep & Go

Sleep&go Lite

Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket: Micralite Sleep & Go

The Micralite Sleep & Go is a co-sleeping crib, travel cot and playpen in one.

With mesh ventilation for airflow and a mattress for comfort, the newborn insert provides the ideal environment for your newborn to sleep soundly either in the home or when staying over somewhere new.

Fully certified for overnight sleeping, you can even use it as a side sleeping crib or Moses basket in the bedroom for those special first six months. It’s also a great option for baby’s first holiday, downstairs naps or to keep at grandparents.

There’s no need to buy a new travel cot when baby gets to six months. Simply remove the newborn insert and expand the mattress to fit the base of the cot. It’s then suitable for use up to 36 months – or until they learn to climb out!

Sometimes, you just need a playpen – and don’t want the worry of them crawling into random household danger. It’s not a prison though. A zipped side panel takes the fun up a notch, while heavy padding on the frame takes the drama out any bumps.

We haven’t timed exactly how long it takes to pack away, but it’s definitely quick – and even quicker to get back up.

  • Use right from birth with the newborn insert…
  • Then transform to a toddler cot in seconds.
  • With a zip down panel for playtime, too.
  • Exceptionally easy to operate.
  • Quickly packs away into the padded bag.
  • A soft, firm foam mattress for a sound sleep.
  • A plastic coated bottom, so you can use it in the garden.

What’s included?

-Foldaway Infant Cot
-Newborn Insert
-Expandable Mattress (fits both newborn insert and infant cot)
-Travel Bag