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Best Maternity Brand or Product: Equi’s Preg...

Best Maternity Brand or Product: Equi’s Pregnancy Formula


Best Maternity Brand or Product: Equi's Pregnancy Formula

Equi’s Pregnancy Formula is the most comprehensive pre & post-natal supplement available and we are really excited to enter it into the Absolutely Mama Awards for Best Maternity Product!

We believe that keeping women happy and healthy during and after pregnancy is essential not only for the wellbeing of their baby(s), but for Mum’s long-term health too. From fertility to conception, pregnancy to breastfeeding, Pregnancy Formula provides 26 premium ingredients for comprehensive and specialist support suitable for every stage of motherhood. Tailored to support both mother and baby, our team of Nutritional Therapists expertly blend bio-available vitamins and minerals at their optimal levels to boost fertility and nourish throughout pregnancy. Pregnancy Formula also contains a full spectrum of the nutrients to help improve energy and aid recovery post-natally, as well as being an ideal support to both mother and baby if breastfeeding.
Precisely calibrated for optimum female and foetal health, Pregnancy Formula is widely recommended by fertility experts owing to it’s superior formulation and brilliant results.
Key ingredients include:
• Methylated B-vitamins – Supports energy, fertility and hormonal balance*.
• Ferrochel® Iron – Demand for iron doubles during pregnancy. Ferrochel® is energising and helps to reduce fatigue and low mood during and after pregnancy. A gentle form that doesn’t cause constipation.
• Methyl-folate – a natural, healthier form of folic acid, which supports normal development of the foetus and reduces risk of neural tube defects*. Folate is also needed for the process of cell division and for the formation of normal blood.
• Selenium – Supports healthy thyroid function, helps keep hair, nails and the immune system healthy during pregnancy*.
• TRAACS® minerals (zinc, manganese and copper) – Special chelated forms of minerals from the USA, which have superior absorption and no adverse side effects.
• VitaCholine® – Research shows choline is commonly deficient in the diet, Pregnancy Formula provides a superior absorbable form. Supports brain and neural tube development and may play a role in preventing birth defects.
• Vitamin C – Aids immunity*, energy and helps protect Mum’s skin*.
• Vitamin D – Vital during pregnancy for both Mother and baby. Also supports immunity*, mental health and gut microbiome. This addition prevents the need for further supplementation.
• Calcium – For normal muscle function and to help keep Mum and babies bones and teeth maintained*.
• Vitamin K2 – essential for helping to build healthy bones in baby, and protecting Mum’s bone density for the future.
• CoQ10 – shown to help improve fertility, cell metabolism, support ovary health as well as boosting energy and mental clarity for Mum.
• Ginger Root – A natural well-used remedy for sickness and nausea.

“I’ve been taking Equi Pregnancy since before conception and it has been great. It really helped me in the early months where I suffered with nausea and low energy, and there was a noticeable improvement in how I felt comparison to the previous supplements I took in my first pregnancy (Equi really was so much better!). I noticed really positive impacts on gut health and also on my skin – which is great in later months of pregnancy when you don’t feel you look your best! I also plan to take it after I have the baby as I breastfeed and feel assured that me and my baby will be getting everything we need – I really I love it and would recommend Pregnancy Formula for busy pregnant ladies. Thank you!”

*Folate contributes to maternal tissue growth and cell division during pregnancy
*Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of immune system and normal bones and teeth.
*Iron, B vitamins and iodine contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, supports immunity and formation of red blood cells.
*Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction
*Vitamin C, zinc and selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system
*Calcium contributes to bone and teeth formation
*B6 is required for hormone balance
* Vitamin C and zinc are essential for healthy skin