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Best Maternity Brand or Product: bbhugme

Best Maternity Brand or Product: bbhugme

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Best maternity brand or product: bbhugme

The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow™ is designed and developed for pregnant women by three female Norwegian chiropractors, mothers and entrepreneurs following two years of intense research and development.

Used as a full body pillow during pregnancy, it provides important relief and support to the most critical areas; pelvis, lower back, belly, knees and ankles.

The bbhugme pregnancy pillow is a pillow like no other. It adapts and grows with the body throughout all stages of pregnancy offering five-point support where it is needed most and in turn helps pregnant women to get better rest and an improved night’s sleep.

With pain and discomfort (from lower back and pelvis) being the number one reason for sleep deprivation during pregnancy, the designers at bbhugme have created a pillow that is the perfect solution for pregnant women who can’t sleep or get comfortable.


Each pregnancy pillow is secured with two bbhugme pebbles™, small BPA-free silicon rings which allow each user to tighten or loosen the pillow according to their needs.
Its innovative design and unique adjustability mean the pillow shapes around the body for optimum and personalised comfort and can be used from the early stages of pregnancy throughout, adapting and supporting the body as it transforms.

The pillow’s filling has been specially selected for its anti-bacterial properties as well as its ability to keep cool and prevent overheating.

The sheer benefits of the bbhugme pregnancy pillow is reflected in the thousands of positive reviews we receive.