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Best mealtime range or product: Greek style Yogurt...

Best mealtime range or product: Greek style Yogurts by Little Freddie

Paige Clay Little Freddie Gsy

We make food yogurt’s be proud to eat, we just happen to feed it to babies.

When it comes to baby food, we believe our children deserve better. From the quality of their ingredients to the future of their planet, everything we do here, we do to give them the best in life.

Our range covers all stages of the weaning journey from 6 months, right up to 12 months. Each range has been developed alongside our renowned registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert aka Rhitrition to ensure every recipe is as nutritionally complete as it is delicious.

That’s Little Freddie. Nothing but the best.

We have 6 delicious sweet and savoury flavours in our Creamy Greek Style Yoghurt collection, ranging from the classic combination of Blueberry & Banana to Prune & Oats to get things moving, to Sweet Potato and Carrot to help encourage a love for savoury tastes. There is something for everyone.

With   its rolling hills and luscious green pastures, the West Country is world renowned for high-quality dairy goods. So good, that we simply had to use their calcium-rich whole milk for our award-winning thick and creamy Greek Style Yoghurts. Because they are made with organic whole milk, babies love how thick and creamy they are. Perfect for strong bone and teeth development, these yoghurts can be eaten cold or at room temperature, helping busy parents provide nutritious and delicious food on the go.

Because our dairy farm is situated between two rivers, the Severn and Wye, it is in one of the warmest spots in the whole of the UK, so our Holstein-Friesian cows can spend plenty of time grazing on luscious fields of grass, clover and cress. During the winter, they retire to their beds indoors (yes, actual beds with a mattress and bedding) to ensure a well-earned rest. Most importantly, our cows are left to produce only as much milk as they would naturally.

Our founder Piers has searched for the tastiest ingredients to accompany our yoghurts for years. Visiting our wild blueberry farm in Canada “where blueberries have grown wild for 10,000 years” he tasted the difference between our blueberries and their cultivated  counterparts. Did you know our blueberries contain double the antioxidant power compared to standard supermarket blueberries?

Somewhat unusual given its location in the far north, Piers discovered the sunniest cherry farm in Germany, growing plump and succulent cherries. With exclusive rights to Pink Lady apples, it was only fitting that we introduce their sweet crunch, special blush and wonderful fizz to our creamy yoghurt too.

With the help of our registered nutritionist Rhiannon, our recipes go above and beyond in nutritional value. We never add anything artificial to our recipes, no sugars, preservatives or salt, and our yoghurts contain 30% less sugar than fruit-only blends.

Not only a hit with babies, but parents love them too as they are a source of fibre, calcium and have versatile uses (great mixed into muffin mixture or added to overnight oats). Our popular Blueberry & Banana flavour is now available in a handy 6 pack.

We are proud to be the UK’s only 100% recyclable baby food range.

Paige Clay Little Freddie Gsy
Paige Clay Little Freddie Gsy