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Best Mealtime Range or Product: Stokke Trip Trap C...

Best Mealtime Range or Product: Stokke Trip Trap Chair


Stokke was founded on the west coast of Norway in 1932. Once a family-owned company, the company has been owned since 2014 by NXMH, a Belgium-based investment company wholly owned by South Korea’s NXC. In addition to its head office in Ålesund, Norway, it has offices in Europe, the USA, Korea, China and Japan.

Stokke’s ethos is epitomized by its Tripp Trapp chair, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. Created by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the iconic chair launched in 1972 did something completely new – it gave children an ergonomic seat of their own and made it possible for children to comfortably join their family at the table for connection and bonding.

Today, Stokke is selling more Tripp Trapp chairs than ever before and has sold more than 12 million worldwide. Since 2006, Stokke’s focus has been purely on the premium children’s markets with products that share a common purpose: to encourage child development and to nurture family bonding. Stokke’s mantra is that closeness fosters connection – it believes that children need this sense of connection to feel safe and loved, encouraging them to become self-reliant and confident learners in life. Caring for children also means caring for the planet. So, it strives towards sustainable solutions – high-quality, durable materials, together with timeless design, ensure longevity to all our products.

Over the last four decades, more than 13 million children around the world have enjoyed their meals and grown up using the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair. Today, as then, the intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both a depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. This unrivaled adjustability ensures that your child is in a comfortable seating position at any age. Enjoy watching your child learn, interact, and develop in safety and comfort, close to you at the family table. The Tripp Trapp® chair has been tested and trusted over 50 years.

Tripp Trapp® At A Glance
• Grows with the child from newborn until adult
• Comfort, support & freedom to move at every age
• Tested & trusted for outstanding safety & durability
• Made in Europe, crafted with quality
• The Tripp Trapp®chair comes with a 7-year warranty

When his son Tor was two years old, Peter Opsvik discovered that Tor had outgrown his highchair and could not find one which allowed him to sit comfortably at table height with the rest of the family. From this observation, Opsvik changed the way we look at children’s seating by creating a chair that would truly give children of all ages a comfortable, ergonomic seat at the table. The Tripp Trapp® was the first chair bringing the child to the heart of the family, the table, allowing freedom of movement and growing with the child.

Tripp Trapp is The Chair That Grows With The Child™ – A Chair For Life. Its iconic design lasts a lifetime, thus making it a one stop investment for all your child’s mealtime needs. With the Newborn Set lifts your baby to table height to join you at the family table from day one. By sitting together at the table with their families, children have been able to connect with the people that care about them most. It´s this connection that allows parent and child to get close, communicate and figure it out together.

The Tripp Trapp chair is a favourite of not only parents but also Baby & Child Nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, who specifically loves the Tripp Trapp, as it brings children to the table allowing them to participate in the social act of eating together and experience the joy of sharing meals, at the same time exposing them to more types of food. Thereby, improving their relationship with food and allowing them to be more confident in their decisions about food. Tripp Trapp is now available in 12 colours, with their newest launch of Fjord Blue, so there truly is an option for everyone.

Tripp Trapp Fjord Blue Product Styled