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Best Mealtime Range or Product: Bugaboo Giraffe 5 ...

Best Mealtime Range or Product: Bugaboo Giraffe 5 in 1 Seat

bugaboo giraffe

At Bugaboo, we believe parenthood is the greatest adventure you can ever go on. And with a tiny partner in crime by your side, there’s all kinds of fun to be had and mischief to be made.

We create extraordinary products and parenting solutions that make spending time together with your child exciting, memorable, and most importantly fun no matter where you go. Our sleek, purposeful designs make the complicated uncomplicated, so you can focus on those all important shared experiences as a family. Our acute attention to detail and use of high quality, sustainable materials also means our products are built to last, so you can explore together in confidence and comfort.

Bugaboo Giraffe

Introducing Bugaboo Giraffe, the highchair designed for all ages that will be sure to have a place in your home for years to come.

Both timeless and minimalist in in style and available in five neutral tones, the Bugaboo Giraffe is designed to seamlessly fit within and compliment any interior. It is also made from environmentally conscious materials including ISC certified biobased plastic, and FSC certified European beechwood. Weighing just 5kg it can also be moved easily from room to room within your home.

The Bugaboo Giraffe can be used from the day you bring your baby home right the way through to adulthood. Designed for growing children with a 5 in 1 seating solution, the chair can be used with the newborn set, baby set, rocker base, tray, or simply as a chair in itself allowing your child to join you at the family table no matter their age.

At Bugaboo we believe in continuous innovation and exceptional quality, and strive to make conscious choices wherever possible. We design products which are built to last, using the highest quality materials and paying close attention to every detail. We believe parenting is the greatest adventure you could ever go on, supporting families in having fun and exploring together. No matter the size and shape of your family, we have something for everyone.