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Best Nursery/Interiors Product: Pea

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Best Nursery/Interiors Product: Pea

We believe in the power of imagination. We set out on an adventure to nurture the magical thinking of childhood. Our belief that creativity should be celebrated and developed sits at the heart of everything we do. Because creative thinkers are problem solvers. And one day our children will change the world.

Every story has a beginning. Our bedding sets act as interactive story starters, designed to transport children into a woodland world.

Being outside does something transformative to children and their imaginative play. It calms and excites. It inspires and restores.

So, we looked for a way to bring that to the one room in the house that’s all about them. The room where stories are shared, invented and embarked upon.

We set out to create the bedroom we dreamed about as kids. And one that is easily achievable for parents. Where imagination always leads the way.

One of us here at Pea is a designer, who’s been drawing curious creatures since the time of scabby knees and treehouses. The other is a business brain with a big imagination, who happens to be a mum, once massively frustrated by the unoriginality or eye-watering expense of most children’s interiors. Together, we decided to do something about it and embarked on a new adventure. We are Pea.

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Adventure Bedding

Fall asleep high amid the treetops, or follow forest paths to undiscovered lands. With each a new story awaits.

At the heart of the Adventure Collection, our reversible bedding creates a world full of inspiring story-starters designed to flex children’s imaginations. Perfect for little ones with a sense of adventure.

Enchanted Forest features soothing sweeter hues. Strong blues are softened against dusky pinks with mauve hints for a calming versatile unisex bedroom.

Treetops combines deeper richer tones. Playful and energetic blues contrast against warm mossy greens for a deeply calming bedtime story.

Available in Cot Bed and Single size.

Created to be gentle on skin. 100% cotton percale bedding free-from any nasties.