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Best Nursery/Interiors Product: TeddyOne

Best Nursery/Interiors Product: TeddyOne


Best Nursery/Interiors Product: TeddyOne

TeddyOne is a nursery company built on over 30 year’s experience designing and creating high end furniture for some of the world’s finest hotels. It is also named after my daughter Katie’s first teddy bear – her lifelong trusted companion fondly known as TeddyOne.

The TeddyOne team and I know that creating your baby’s nursery is one of the biggest milestones you will make before the big day. We also know that every parent wants to choose the very best they can for their baby.

Whilst some parents want warm and comfortable, others choose minimalist with clean lines, it’s about creating a nursery that is right for your family. From those precious moments spent in the nursing chair to the regular nappy change, we want to help you make an environment which becomes a lifetime bond that promises safety, security and love.

British-designed and manufactured in England, everything you find in TeddyOne collections is custom-made, beautifully handcrafted with care and expertise, and thoughtfully designed with you and your baby in mind.

By choosing TeddyOne you are choosing a lifelong gift for your child because we only make furniture with a quality that will last across generations. From birth through the first five or six years for your family, but designed to be passed down to your children when they’re ready for a family of their very own.

In a disposable world where things are not made to last, TeddyOne value quality, heritage and tradition. TeddyOne is passionate about what they do and hope that is reflected in your whole TeddyOne experience which puts you, the customer, first.