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Best toy: Edx Education’s FunPlay collection

Best toy: Edx Education’s FunPlay collection


Edx Education has been designing and manufacturing innovative educational toys for schools in over 90 countries for the past 25 years. Edx Education is passionate about the ‘learning through play’ movement, which has long been recognised as a highly successful method of teaching in early years education, both in the classroom and at home. Not only is it fun and engaging, but is also a tactile and visual form of learning to fuel children’s mental growth by aiding concentration.

Studies have shown that children who have been taught through play-based learning have a more positive attitude towards learning. They have a wider vocabulary and advanced problem solving, lateral thinking and analytical skills compared with children who have been taught in traditional direct-instruction approaches.

The Edx Education range is suitable for children aged 18m to 6y and includes high-quality construction toys, maths manipulatives, active play ranges and maths home learning collections packed with activities for hours of hands-on learning. Working with leading educational and industry experts from around the world, the extensive Edx Education range supports both classroom and home learning, honing the key early years developmental areas of fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, speech and language, cognitive development and curiosity.

Edx Education’s FunPlay collection is a STEAM maths manipulatives home learning range that teaches essential early maths skills through ‘learning through play’, which is proven to be a highly effective method of teaching in the early years.

The FunPlay range is for children aged 18m-6 years and includes seven maths activity sets – Geo Pegs, Rainbow Pebbles, Construction Cubes, Number Rods, Attribute Beads and Round Round Chips – which have all been designed to help parents and educators create a fun and engaging learning environment and encourage a lifetime passion for maths. Each FunPlay set works in perfect synchronicity with each other and is a wonderful STEAM learning tool, linking maths, art and engineering, as children experiment with various 2D and 3D designs and constructions for endless hours of fun and learning.

The FunPlay range supports classroom learning at home and teaches essential maths basics such as counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, patterning, matching and measuring, through engaging activities which encourage creative play, problem solving, the development of fine motor skills and critical thinking. Each set includes an activity tray with raised edges to help keep play pieces organised, and a set of activity cards with varying levels of difficulty to keep young minds engaged, develop focus, concentration and observation skills, while also inspiring children to create their own unique designs.

Product links and videos for the FunPlay collection:
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FunPlay Wooden Pattern Blocks:
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FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles:®

Edx Education is more than just a toy manufacturer. The brand is constantly striving to help parents and educators inspire a lifetime of learning by not only creating engaging educational toys, but also providing free bolt-on educational resources and play ideas on their website and YouTube channel. Edx Education donate toys and offer up-to-date expert advice on all aspects of play-based learning as part of their business ethos to spread the joy of learning.

Edx Education is involved in numerous international educational outreach programs that aim to bring classroom learning and resources to the remotest parts of the world. Edx Education has partnered with the Zhi-Shan Foundation to sponsor a mobile kindergarten to provide early childhood education for children in the remote Atayal tribe villages in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. They have also partnered with Gecko on the Move to work with primary school teachers and children in remote parts of Asia and Africa, providing training to teachers in maths manipulatives to strengthen the teacher’s understanding and knowledge in teaching mathematics. After the initial training, they continue their support by observing lessons, mentoring teachers and providing feedback.

Edx Education’s product ranges and learning resources have been enormously helpful to children and parents throughout the Covid pandemic and resulting school closures. Their ranges have been in such demand that the brand launched its own UK website in early 2021 ( to help support parents navigating the world of home schooling. As we settle into the new academic year, Edx Education is excited to carry on supporting parents and children as they continue exploring the wonderful world of home learning with lots of engaging new product lines and brand developments in the pipeline!