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Best toy: Play Kits by Lovevery


Lovevery is a stage-based early learning system for families. Its award-winning play essentials and resources for parents are designed by experts to support your child’s brain development at each important stage—so they can play, learn, and grow to be their best selves. Lovevery playthings are thoughtfully crafted with sustainable, organic, and natural materials that are good for your child and good for the planet. Get more out of the early years. More learning. More joy. More connection.

Lovevery Play Kits

The Play Kits by Lovevery are a subscription, stage-based learning program designed to promote brain development through play during the early years of childhood. They are designed to be exactly what a child is ready to learn at each developmental period and deliver at 2-3 month intervals from ages 0-4 years. The Play Kits eliminate guesswork and build confidence in parents by making child development information simple, fun and accessible.

The Play Kits are Montessori-inspired and backed by science. Each Kit is curated with expert-designed Playthings and a Play Guide with child development info, at-home activity ideas, and ways to play.

Lovevery’s scientific approach in creating The Play Kits program is the first of its kind, making world-class research and neuroscience simple, relevant and conveniently accessible to parents. Each toy and resource in the program is designed in-house with the support of Lovevery’s advisory board, consisting of experts from a wide range of disciplines, including pediatrics, occupational therapy, neuroscience, and more. The Play Kits strike the delicate and challenging balance between what a child’s brain needs for development, what appeals to a parent, and what a baby finds engaging and fun to play with.

In an age of overstimulation and constant input, toys that promote a quieter and more sustained play environment support a young child’s cognitive development.

The Play Kits program is a holistic resource for parent and child, not simply a source of toys. In addition to a thoughtfully curated selection of playthings, subscribers also receive a Play Guide with child development info, at-home activity ideas, and ways to play.

The Play Kits provide lasting value for families. The subscription model means that a baby can grow with Lovevery from birth all through the early years, helping parents help their children by offering the best development experiences from the very beginning.

Lovevery believes in fewer, better things, both because it’s better for the planet and because it is scientifically proven to help a child avoid overstimulation and engage in deeper, more meaningful play. The Play Kits are an ideal solution for parents looking to streamline their child’s toys.

As a Certified B Corporation, Lovevery products ship carbon neutral and are crafted from materials like FSC-certified wood, organic cotton, OEKO-TEX® fabrics, recycled paper, soy-based ink, and bio-based plastics.

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