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Best toy: My Gears® Animal Gears Set by Edx Educat...

Best toy: My Gears® Animal Gears Set by Edx Education

Edx Education

Edx Education is a leading educational toy brand that has been designing and producing innovative educational toy ranges for schools, parents and children for more than 25 years in 90+ countries.

Working closely with educational experts from around the world, Edx Education are passionate about the learning through play movement, which has long been recognised as a highly successful method of teaching in early years education, both in the classroom and at home.

Not only is play a fun and engaging way to learn, but numerous studies have shown that children who have been taught through play-based learning have a more positive attitude to learning, a wider vocabulary and advanced problem solving, lateral thinking and analytical skills compared to children who have been taught in traditional direct-instruction approaches.

The extensive Edx Education product range aims to support parents and educators in all aspects of play-based learning, and includes early years maths manipulatives, construction toys, active play collections for gross motor skill development, sensory play toys, water and sand play collections, home learning maths kits and a range of eco toys made from discarded rice husks.

Edx Education offer lots of free learning through play content and advice on the website, and Edx Education’s Heather Welch regularly interviews international play experts for the latest advice on play-based learning, on the podcast ‘Edx Education in Conversation With…’. The Edx Education range is sold on Amazon internationally and on in the UK.

Edx Education My Gears® Animal Gears Set

The My Gears® Animal Gears Set is brand new to Edx Education’s extensive learning through play ranges, and is part of the new My Gears® construction set collection, which includes five kits designed to ignite the imagination of young engineers: Junior Gears (4y+), Starter Gears (6y+), Transport Gears (6y+), Animal Gears (6y+) and Machine Gears (6y+), starting at £27.

The My Gears® Animal Set has been designed for children aged 6y+ to develop early engineering skills and teach children the basic principles of gears and mechanics, along with key skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, early engineering, and encouraging fine motor skill development and curiosity.

The My Gears® Animal Set includes 122 colourful pieces and a guide book with clear instructions to build eight different moving animal models, which can be played with for hours on end, making the set fantastic value for money. The set can also be paired with Edx Education’s 2cm linking cubes and 4cm bricks, extending the play potential and creative possibilities for young imaginations!
Awarded STEAM accreditation by esteemed child development expert and founder of The Good Play Guide, Dr Amanda Gummer, the My Gears® Animal Set was noted for its extensive play and interest potential, and easy-to-follow instructions in the activity booklet. Children playing with the sets as part of the assessment study, were also found to enjoy using their imagination to create their own models, demonstrating the limitless creative possibilities and hours of entertainment of the My Gears® Animal Set.

The My Gears® Animal Set is a unique, non-gender-specific toy, which helps children understand gears and mechanics in a fun and engaging way. The eight clever designs help spark curiosity, experimentation and imagination, paving the way for extending a child’s knowledge in the principles of mechanics as they move through the various stages of education.

The constructed animals are full of character and are lots of fun to play with, allowing for extended enjoyment potential and imaginative play opportunities. Children can also use the pieces to construct their own unique models as their understanding, confidence and knowledge grows too, so the play potential really is limitless!

Following the easy-to-follow instruction booklet and working through the processes of constructing the animals is great for honing attention to detail, teaching children how to follow step-by-step instructions and encouraging independent play. Equally, the set is great as a group activity too, inspiring collaborative play, problem-solving discussions, compromise and patience, which all have a positive knock-on effect on children’s behaviour and interactions with each other, both at school and at home.

Edx Education continues to lead the way in the field of ‘learning through play’ and is more than just a toy brand. Edx Education has numerous educational outreach programmes around the world, bringing educational toys and educators out to schools in remote areas, in the belief that every child should have access to educational resources, empowering the future of their families and local communities.

Edx Education are also committed to environmental issues, and are funding and actively participating in programmes to help save our oceans and aquatic life from plastic waste. Edx Education are working with toy manufacturers in Asia to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, while also helping to clear local beaches and oceans of single-use plastics.

My Gears Animal Set
My Gears Animal Set