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Best travel products or systems: Multimac multiple...

Best travel products or systems: Multimac multiple-car-seat system


Multimac is a UK business based in Birmingham;they design and build multiple-car-seat systems. The business was founded by Kevin Macliver in 1995 after the birth of his fourth child and is still very much a family business today. Working alongside CEO Kevin Macliver is his daughter Minty Macliver, who takes the mantle of Operations Director for the business. All Multimac carseats are made in the UK.

The Multimac is a unique, multiple-car-seat system that can safely accommodate three or four children in the back seat of most cars, thus eradicating the need for a people carrier. The seat comes in seven different sizes and accommodates children from birth to twelve years old (0-36kg). A range of plug-in attachments are available to create flexible seating options for passengers. The Multimac design is fully patented making it truly one of a kind. Multimac car seats are secured independently by tether straps and adjustable legs. The whole assembly has been designed to give the best possible performance and protection for children if the car were to be involved in a crash. A Multimac car seat can be fitted by the customer or taken to one of the approved fitting centres throughout the UK. Engineered to air craft standards, the Multimac provides safety without compromise. Its clever design and advanced aluminium structure mean it absorbs maximum energy in a crash and gives exceptional crash test performance – fully tested and approved to ECE 44-04.

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Standard child car seats are usually designed for children in a specific age range so you have to buy replacements as they grow. The Multimac is designed to carry children from birth to twelve years old meaning you only need to buy one seat for all your children. Once fitted, the Multimac car seat can be put in or taken out of the car in a matter of minutes. The Multimac is fully customisable meaning you can match the leather to the interior of your car, or get creative and make a colour scheme that the children will enjoy. With every part of the Multimac being recyclable, it is an environmentally friendly option. Add to that the benefits of not having to buy a bigger car, it is a fuel-efficient, cost-effective choice for parents. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FEATURES FOR CHILDREN Fun to sit all together. Funky design on the seat straps which kids say makes them feel like racing drivers. Comfortable seats with lots of legroom. Suitable from birth with the Minimac accessory. FEATURES FOR PARENTS Safest car seat in the world. You only buy one Multimac seat rather than three or four single car seats. You can keep the car you’ve got and just add the Multimac. It is cheaper than buying a new, bigger car and you also get to keep your valuable boot space. It is extremely easy to use and convenient for busy parents. PRODUCT BENEFITS: • A completely new concept in child car seat safety. Accommodates children from 0-12 years old. Fully tested. Energy absorbing design makes it one of the safest child car seats around. • It is designed for the whole time your child needs a seat • It is constructed to the same high standards as aircraft, train and regular car seats • It will probably outlast your car! • It is perfect for families with 3 or 4 children • Families with 1 or 2 children can also transport their friends in the same car • It converts your car from a 5-seater into a 6-seater • It is the answer to the enforcement of more rigorous child seat laws.

BUSINESS CONTACT DETAILS: Unit 11 Octagon Business Park, Miller Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B6 4NF